The call of Light:


Nogost stark kil basi iemotu faontspaf Pire tel i ma soko za. Ethir boents tal pirem cosi ma pel DARG pal onu-taz beriom. Od da fi EL tores do anie tak ri pe, nof zami sa zami sa zi paz tol 'e do ag mir de nosthun agua saz.
DIRE pal deti maz LA OS.
Tol OS bati re danu cors mithal maje onto pesital, gors si. Da-vana-da geiin lob-ars ne kil nati etio derium mong.
OL cores LA.
Pir seti undari et fines deti karesa-Li-me. Dothors saki me on do rati al.


The I-light provides comfort.

Giving no release of the bolt to the cup as thou were dwelling in sin. The holy Ones course has ended, the reigner is now within. The brethren is absorbed within the excesses of the Holy one and has (in a such way) become forbidden. 6379 falls into the fixed fire and thereby formulates and brings forth sleep. And there turns the One; fixed; in the united feet of your (his) going. The translucent war within is finished, and the brethren is One in the tormentless middle of their union.
Remove the covering zodiack as it is formulated in the pact of (LA OS) the One and the Twelve.
All twelve have have seen their cunning endurance, whose punishing revenge is poured to; the weak Fire; the end of lust. There Invoking that within; the friendly heart of the Holy Kid whirling in the united fields.
24 is number 1.
And as the Holy One provides the self to impound it - as it is the ones power, the I - light moves like this Holy excess, while the fallen lust moves like the 2nd, obediant hanging around the One. Mirroring me roundabout, completed in the slaves consummation.



The closing word (bap - stop) was for me - to tell me that the calls of I ged was all written. As this was the last I received, it assured me that there was no need of calls for norz, es and P.