The Call of the First Fire:
Inie ma-thil cors hon-dori pathe ma. kasi Le onto pares do Enay toleodari. Oi kasi mer onto tel pari pesita, conus ot marbele pazia. Conos da; conos beliore. Et vi paz sont dari la deti mabeza dok tari, et vinu da orietha zol on badori, e kin lat ven sonuf of dares, thil ki me onix sati hel ore panu-li-pa, pei atva zan ki het vanu badore. Nothar Le coinup seti vaian de odra pel panus sof. L pireta oviu set tox pala tiriom bethol, kasi voim basi de orietha o dinu poi de thil. Vienu sati El kire basi tol.
Forthwith the falling seats which are going fall down the black void, comes the ones pouring of Fire through his whole being.This is the torment poured and determined for the burning fire of weakness; to the perfection of the Brothers going. (If) Perfected there; (then) perfect beauty. And the 2nd forms the Fire of the one, till it becomes finished as a coat. So invoke the celebrating hand, creating the strong man. Whenever binding; theres neither any reigning nor any strong self. The seat grants for this making the appearance of rich smelling honey; the honey of being the One, for the shelled finger grants the invoking of the strong man too. And in the midst of the ones solving, its required to listen to the Master of the fixed fire which is the honeys discord. The First Fire uses the 2nd and his formulation pursues forth that nothing, that is the brilliant Cup of celebration, then calling and demanding the division of the seats. The 2nd is required as the vitality of the one, all into the cup.