A look at the extraterrestial planetsystem which the AFs connects to the Earth.

Did some more attempts on getting into the planetary system that the AF's connects to. Used the same method as with that planet far beyond - called TSIDZIA and the one that corresponded and then obtained a mantra.

MDNPK led to the mantra MADINPAK SO LO ASIENAKSAL (#the planet beyond)
After passing through a tunnel for a long time, I met a male planet spirit that was most intelligent and perfect in will, most royal and wild. He seemed to be nearly the prototype of a wizard, he would have been if he wasnt to original. The planet he was associated with was a huge gas planet, old, but still in its initial stages. The spirit seemed young and mature.

NKAPN led to the mantra NAKAPEN SO OLIENAPN ( #2)
Got a vision of a giant planet very bright and with rings far larger than that of Saturn. The main prinsciple seemed to be Joy and bliss, but its interior seemed very complex and will probably contain lots of psychic processes that leads up to its main expression. The energy could remind about Venus but this one seemed far more mature, complex and wise.

IIIML led to the mantra IIIMEL SO OXIENDRANAT (#5)
got after a while a vision of a greyish and solid planet where the main vision were of a ruler. Did not seem sympatic or nice but disciplined and in charge. Reminded about the star regulus, but was far darker and in no way radiant. Seemed also to contain prinsciples like those that jupiter and saturn uses.

NKSRI led to the mantra NAKSRI SO OBETHUN (#6)
Mild, sympatic and caring. Its main prinsciple seemed to wisdom and other forms of knowledge and gnosis. also very complex and gigantic. Seemed also as THE beneficial current and stimuli for societies in general (like OLIENAPN)

GZZEA led to the mantra GAZIZEA SO MAROLNAP (#4)
This was the first of these workings and must get repeated as I didnt get so far with this vision. I just got to a clear vision a celestial body - that could be a blue star or a maybe a dwarf star or even just a gas planet. It was white bluish, (cobolt) very radient and silent. Whatever i did on that occasion didnt bring me further into its personality and I just started to wonder if it was to big to really enter. It just seemed static and must have got some largescale gravity functions within that system.

Repeated : This planet deals with prisciples that are a bit rare in this solar system . Its current was wise, gentle and pragmatic - "very down to earth" like. It contained a very fixed or focused way of seeing reality, and I got further understanding that it had a lot to do with creation of matter and reality. I guess that further study would display some understanding on how constituting reality. It did no attempts to display power though it sure had lots.

Some general notes: These planets all seemed to be in a different quality class than the planets in our own solar system, all was huger, better, more sophisticated and a so much stronger spirit and consciousness that made our own system seem second hand, o.t.o.h, these were also weirder somehow.