The call of DARG:

DARG Lomath derim.
Quesiheres tokalon bajtavani, torun, Gohil: Vata vohim kenia detin rati nogoth. Esiakahe pores do Elia mathir fanutas deti ma-beres-sol. Dom fanir athič no aresti de ovia dokthil. Zip zares ofi nothi. Bamesa AF kile. Den atva forun osia nothil mazia geotani. Rotie napta quasb cors sokh faij de OBim kas. Lita maz sop affa rati nol de Imin dathurz. Vaunn ki maz deti. Lime ani hop thil ne vaian. Toreti ka mes fijin da no me ono na OP. Koesli pazterim forohim guatin gani-orp tal de Imin strok, geiin atva b ronto hile. Foijnizi, smazio, koi-re, dothir Le om. DARG taz.

6379; the true self.
Thou most pleasant mountain kingdom, express yourself (as) we invoke you, visit us and stay, saying: creating this mighty state of restriction must require a lot of slavery ? The brothers lust within the One continues to dwell in the the fallen and sleeping hand. Having ended the pomegranates, the work continues as the fulfilment of the 2nds seat. (As) They (are) not, the flight (goes on) with the strength in the middle. The forgetfulness of the 19 pillars. Obediantly; the shells of the seeds burns in the midst of the making of the pact between us and the Balance*. The Sword rebells and destroys such which turns on the becoming of the OB 28. To the (balanced) One of the pact with the Star of nothingness, the slave is the key to Imin (the white brother) reflected into the highest. Thruth grants the pact as it is. The Reflections of the One is going to end on the Holy seat of waiting. Sustained are the old frames that are found around the making of the OP. So better without being their becoming as it shall be the rotten and sinister followers excess over the release of Imin, wherein the shells will be the song of sunset. Whirling and appearing, moving about, rather cunning, reflecting the knowing of the One. DARG is present.



Comments on translation.
The title: Lomath > true, derim > self. Lomath is also composed by two words LO > One and Math > infinite. So the phrase true self is refering to the transcendent One that is everywhere one. Lomath by essences states the reflection which always are connected to the word self by the use of the OM combination. L> one O> becoming M> mind A > again T> balance H> breath, life The word starts with the one that becomes reflected by mind, returns by balance and gets life as the one himself.
Kile: this word is often used as thunderbolt or bolt, I see that it just can mean pillar as its letteressence does portray just some easy formula of an appearance: K cause, I enable, L one, E will. The LE part or the addition of E to L suggests the height/depth duality. * us and the balance > geo tani The letter essences tells different things about geo. It suggests that its the aversary of will. (not-will's- becoming) It makes sense to the context. As general comment; this calls content shows also very well that the makers of this system wants to set down practices for the ordeal of Will; which is nothing else than coping with ill-will and its its source high on - it is just the side effect of will as the contract with death is everyones birthpresent.