The Book of Amsu

25. June 1997. O1 00 >
Ritual action: None - I was trying to read Ben Rowe's Book of seniors while I noticed that a force was
building up from below, I didnt care about that, but continued reading and so when I finally
fetched the diary the current nearly exploded in my face and I am surprised that the beginning of the text became readable at all, since there in those moments didnt seem to be any real words that could express such a power; such outburst .

The numbers of the verses follow the order they were dictated in. That I have added some of the later verses is due to that the text was short and he left after point 16. But I kept pondering on some of the things he said and he showed up again - in a milder mood and more "compatible". He thereby also showed me the link we had by during that night by making a glissando or bridge from being an universal law or mechanism to become human (me) and thereby gave me an perfect example of how can an universal law or mecanism actually fit ( and dont fit) into a human.
Those verses that are out of sequence are added as they should be of interest too - for the study of this ancient God's re-presentation of himself into the neo-egyptian current. Those that are still omitted are verses that answers questions I have about processes and other works of mine that still aint found on the net and therefore would be hard to understand without extensive commentaries .
I have not commented this a lot - I think the text is rather easy to interprete.

I am War - I am Antares - I am the Heart of scorpio -
I am the extremes - I am colder than ice, hotter than Fire -
I am more than this - far beyond control.

A year before this- I did the calling of the Royal Persian Star Antares - I got a shock because it was the most familiar thing I had ever called - It was that main current of my Liber Samekh works and all my Hga- works. I am not very warrior like as I am a Taurus, but my taste for music tells me the why that current was so deeply seated in me. The dearest pieces of music to me is the most violent of King Crimsons Improvisations- Non's Physical evidence- Painkiller's Execution ground and Naked city's Torture Garden.
What I experienced was that I had found my Star !
The God does confirm this link. Antares is called the heart of scorpio and I knew that.
War is also another name on Atu16 - P

My content is in the span of the Universe - my plan is my will -
the birth of the essence of my content- myself and the death thereof.
I hate - I love, I am far beyond All - All-power is my weapon-
To me is no way - I heed all and dont care at all -
The ecstasy of the same is enough for me-
something more will be out of sight-
And that is worth living for.

The content in the universe is the content of the sephira Chokhmah - as it is the sphere of the zodiack and the fixed stars.
The Universe is of course the Empire. Amsu is therefore a close companion of Maat which has given the Keys to the Kingdoms Essence In Liber Pennae Praenumbra. It should be noted that this process transcends the Fortress of the Law. The Law is for all and also then for those in creation. When surpassing these spheres the Law doesnt work any more as there is no action or will going. To keep these things in mind is important to be able to see that particular point of view of which this God is speaking from.

My hate is fiercer than the burdens and punishments of karma,
for the Lord of Karma is a part of me.
To me you do no wrong !

Perfect double talk - watch out so that you dont get just one of its meanings.

All is Perfect ! - Wrong.

I am death - hot death - I kill you- I kill myself-
Apparently and not so apparently-
for there is more than pebbles and petty joys here and there,
and doubt it not, so that you preserve the channel within you,
for the energy to flow,
more than looking in admiration to the greatness of the Universe

The apparently and not so apparently death refers to the way of initiation that shall get labeled hot death . It is thus not meant to be taken literally - of course you can, but it will completely spoil the depth of this text, and thats whats interesting. And thats what makes sense to us Rosycrucians. The conquering of death while being alive. The emancipation of the continuity of the spirit .
Youre a Tau too!
And I love you truly - I harm thee not, but -
O Stars that shineth not,
dust covered beauty; art thou really alive?

I deny that this Tau-symbolism should refer to the titles of that church EGC.
I still havent figured out what he means with this - I guess it will turn up some day.
Death we all know what means - or do we ?
Medicin uses only the diagnosis (secondhand knowledge)- checking the symptoms for stating death. While The magician needs more as he encounters several levels where the substanses are different and life may be apparent. I made a definition of death which is made to the magickian and his need to determine status quo on the levels he/she may encounter.
My definition of Death is: The total separation between an object and its ideal functioning. (will).
This definition makes the entire universe to a living thing - A stone is living in so far it is a stone. Unless one makes this stone become sand, it will remain stone.
When applying this to humans, one sees there are those that are able to completely close the inspiration that derives from its ideal of functioning. Like some of the few hard and psychiatric cases that criminals may be. They cannot be seen to conform to this definition and may therefore be termed undead, and then specified into classes as zombies, vampires.
The magickian may also encounter other rare cases. The energies which are directly contradictory (ie fire which doesnt burn or is not-fire) are not of the same reality as the usual elements. These can in general be considered qliphotic, as the qliphoth is of that other side or tree of death.
However, the inherent threat of this verse lies latent in the first will of any thing; the will to to remain and to preserve itself as it was. Herein lies the temptation of restriction lurking, and when restriction have been duly misapplied; by those who doesnt see the spirit and doesnt feel the values to reformulate, but only preserves the form - war and revolt in any form seems to be the natural answer to heavy coagulated constructions.

Careless - Ruthless- Bloodgeysirs- the outpouring of laments
together with the release of Power - Freed Power.

I am AMSU, I am old. - My Love is unconditionally and wild.
I am the father of Warriors. I am Just.
The free flow- the beat of the Universes Heart with the free light
cascading over and over and within and below-
exhausting ever the limits of Restriction.
AMSU I am and my name is not for the few -
fourfold it is; the 3 and manifestation.
Worship this and know its the fork of Shin. It goes.
Blame me not, for I am the Blamer.
I accuse you.- and thy excuse is thy refusal to fight.
Nevertheless when I am accusing, I want blood-
So when I am with thee, thy work is upright.

I compromise not.
Havent we got the Law? Havent we got Universal will?
There is then never any need for compromises.
Mutual disagreement is implicit this new covenant and therefore there is no option to compromise.
You only fall from universal Will when compromising and get weak and overrun.

I dally not with the weak, but partakes in loves completion.

I am the brother of Ra Hoor khuit - where he takes you off to some holier and silent place,
I take you off to the pinnacles of pure power and the height of Noise and Confusion
to meet the great and grand Initiator of all ages : Completion.

All power is just power. It is though indifferent, without trace -for its the power which goes through all. It is one power though it is counted in seven and labelled by colour.
It is by no mean superior - therefore I am - This is the glory of my name - I Initiate in the supreme and superior power that gave birth to the One.
The coincidence of the seven rays: I will be there - I will be there
You will meet and see me - into my prohibited eyes - that are - One.

My colours are three - Black, Red and green.
By these thou can know my favourite sides.
Khem is my left side and Min my right.

The egyptian glyph of Amsu is also read Khem or Min. The red form is the sulfuric Amsu, usually depicted with flail, the black is Khem (Khem means black), Min is the green and phallic deity. Khem is the most difficult to get grip on, as he seldom manifests below abyss. He is more Eagle than hawk, and is prone to destroy your world, in order to be able to show you something of prime matter. (prima materia)
Their elements are; passive Fire (hellfire) for Amsu,
active earth (the carnal desire) for Min, and Khem
reveals the prinsciple that these two elements have in common; that is essence. (These elements are to be explained more in my treatise on elements, which will come one day)
Kadosh my men in their unitarian style that goeth
for a span - and THEN demands reunion -
In revived formula, of what there is not said anything of before.

I do not think the OTO's kadosh mysteries are in the Unitarian style. I think the Unitarian refers to a small branch of Masonry.
That he says that this formula is not spoke of before, is important- it makes it impossible to confuse with the word of the Law and the word of the Aeon. And it is quite possible to confuse it with the latter as "it goes for a span".
This word were explained in another text - which has become the Book of AF - the enochian AF. Basically the formula were portrayed as:
AMSU thy friend, ghost and self, do behold in his name this very practise.
A for the ghost in the middle,
M for the self and mirror image.
S for being and being the I.
and U for the sum of it all, the precence - your precence and manifestation.

Dean have also used the formula and seen that it fits many places; See his writing on the Amsu formula

The new formula is my name.
Single coldness will never help anyone, not even afterwards shall thy say so.
If so : “ Liars”
Ill be upon them.
To attain to my sanctituarium in this Universe -
Worship me with fervour - when I say Time is aright for you.
You shall attain the centre of the Universe, thou shall perceive
not the glow but the stronglight that goes through -
the extacy - the wildness - the Chaos - the joy - the perfectness - the Order
albeit Success.