Anpu Small talk.

7 feb 1995.ev.

In dark days; there still shall be darker nights.

Oh Heron, whistle thou as always.
Your blessed tunes is mine worship goin.
I say; still in dark days I await the minute to open the sacred house for mine worshipper.
Oh, Moon; do you open? For them?
Do you just let them wander astray and let astrayness be house enough by its bewildering novelty?

Steamy vapouring of dog breath to the sky.
HA ! The life of a dog seems still to do.
The cleanliness and simplicity of a dogbody is a grand gift to every human.
Do thou as me; to the achieving of a very special Holyness.
Nothing in special.
Gloria Mundi.

Hate occurs, but by its character it is also to disappear, though the insincere is difficulter to get rid of, I do say; every way is way enough, the problem may be the wanderer.
Silence to silence, or howling beauty;
How shall I lose with the grace of the God that I havent become?
Purple veins articulates then, In heaven as in Earth.
Pressure unbearable, gravity completed.
I promise I wont bear it.
None will do.





Then I say my word, the word of AnPu, for there is a selection.





The moment is ready, my followers make their day, and the world pass as always.
Eggs of beauty, glowing with pace in the amentioned house, where thieves aint allowed and will never be.
Here I dwell as the everpresent spirit which has evergoing vehicles made for any purpose of the Great Will.

I live close to treasures as she is locked with the form and screams for release.
I can say more, but wont this time.




5) The word counts to 666, by Tau. This word is no easy access to a powerful solar beast. It is likely to been seen as a powerless word, unless one understand the circumstances it is supposed to be used in.

The clue is given in §4 - gravity. And also its the word of AnPu: the embalmer. Within our mysteries, everything doesnt happen to be about the essence. There is place for care of the body too.

7) Refers to the work of the High priestess as told of in PYR GX.