A Praise to Aton Ra.


Copper and emerald, Violet and white.
Who can shine like this?
Western fields of delight, Wind sweepeth, and toucheth the ancient wilderness.
Who said that this old alienness were not familiar?
In our love there is no night.
Unbelieved and undoubted thou are the very son of Maat,
Thou are Aton Ra, the crowned ONE,
Whose divided crown are spangled with the intersecting emblems of Fire and Water.
How come that some didnt see ?
Shadows cool crazed by mirrors end,
dances as brilliances Silhouettes in a silent wake and watchful play –
upon your fields Aton.







Thou disk of splendour whose frame is fortune;
Do thou as thou always have done ; Your Will, Aton Ra.
By the great letters Tau, Nun, Resh is your fields brought to play and that to no one else than those whom always were there.

A Tau for every one,
Duration is brought forth to every single fracture whose membership to the universe IS.
Nun to those whom faceth the ONE, only the only ONE do behold himself.
Now slain non arises, beholds your splendouring Resh,
Blindnesses continuation in Copper and emerald, Violet and white.
Blue beholds,
Art goes on.