Divine Interviews
Riddles, Hints and Clues on greater mysteries.

These are the texts which I have received from the egyptian Gods in the period between 1991- 1997, and which have proved to have interest beyond the purely personal. The texts are in varying quality, but however these are not meant to be A new Book of the Law. I am instead happy to announce that daily life have again reached us neo-egyptians, and that herein can be found vital clues for exploring the virtues and mysteries of a great group of Gods, that are willing to reformulate their nature for new times.

A little more extensive introduction.

Thoth comments on the fight of the brothers. 24 sept 1991.

Maats Uniculum:
13 apr.1992ev
Maat have got a riddle, not for me, but for a later prophet.
Clues are given for approaching the beyonds of Kether.

Twin Tongue:
Hadit gives me some instructions, explains some old mysteries, and repeat some very unsolved mysteries. Also on the nature of the Magickian, and how Gods and Secret chiefs manage to get their prophets cooperate.

Zokra Makra Nom:
Seker have got a riddle for me. 1994

Pyr GX:
The Highpriestess of the Silver Star provides a little insight into an important part of her work.

Anpu smalltalk.
Anubis lifts slightly his robe, gives his word and disappears when the transmission becomes very interesting.

Ra Hoor Khuit counseling:
Some calm hints and advices, nothing very noteworthy, or what?

Copper and Emerald:
A poem or hymn to Aton Ra.
Contains a valuable formula that is the consonants of his name.

Khaibit Heh:
Set provokes me by telling me exactly those things I dont want to hear about him. And I who at that time was nearly idolizing him as some Hero, almost as some variant of Heru. Within the text is scattered information on a eucharist; for the serious. Viva la resistance.

Nekht-Amsu`s Images :
gives instructions for a rite and something that appears to be an alchemical process.

24 Apr 1997 ev.
An exposition of the trinity Hoor, Asar & Isa.

The Book of Amsu:
Amsu the ancient and old Heru gives good info on his nature, hints, clues and a word.

The conclusion of Divine Interviews:


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Conscerning the illustrations used in these pages:
These are my own photos from apr. 2003. They are not some attempt to focus on a theme like "The black Sun". The pics are raw and not treated in any way. They are simply the reality according to a cheap digital camera. The camera simply couldnt take anything of the direct sunlight, and I found that fact as illustrative as anything could be.