On the solutions of Liber L II-76.

Once you have read it trough- its hard to forget. My first and only teacher in Magick; a devoted Black brother (yes of the worst kind) gave me when I
first met him in 1989 a handwritten paper with his solution, while his minions in their neverending travesty of some charismatic
fundamentalistic christian show cried falsely Halleluja in the background.
The solution and my reaction towards it has been surrounded by so much malice, that it has been impossible to show this in public before.
I think he managed to find the formula that is the essence of all the noise in the thelemic current and is therefore important to

Basically his solution goes AB ALG MOR STO VAL => From cold death stand strong. (by the way of listening to the latin roots)
From the remaining letters he got: Crux = Cross , and through swapping between latin and greek letters KRY & PYR = cold & Fire,
But the main attraction he got through placing all the remaining letters in one point and ended with X & P in one point, that is the
greek monogram of Rex Christeous - King Christ.
The numbers he treated in a special way and ended up with Thelema without e; which I think is prone to be understood as false will. The way he treated the numbers he later gave an explanation to. But not before I had challenged him by making a treatise on the II-76 that showed him wrong. (I thought first, but later I saw it merely gave his solution a perspective that it needed to
be understood and also so to be used or to get related to in a simpler way.

This short version of his solution that I present here, must not stand as the version to be scrutinized. The doc that he originally gave me contains so many troublesome features as brackets for two lines aso, that I have not typed it. I scanned his doc, made it a jpg and put it here:
(uncompressed 566kb)

(compressed 89kb)

Fr. Osman never did interprete this in public as he meant that this piece was to be interpreted by "one and each to himself" in the "spirit of Liberty". He did though in privacy come up with several interpretations, that it served as a nexuspoint of all religions in that it summarized all the great ressurection myths; Osiris, Krishna, Odin or whatever he mentioned. In public he did say that he regarded its content as a linguistic piece. Of which I agree - its a linguistic trick.


As I watched Osman unfold his powers from that day I received his solution, my disgust grew to anger. Something had to be done to calm down the smell of corruption which slowly spread over the whole city.
Some time went, I tried eagerly to solve the riddle but I was told to wait, by my guides. In `93 when I was finished with the calls of I ged and managed an acceptable translation of DOzmt, the time showed up to be ripe. The circumstances around Fr. Osmans project was getting unbearable repulsive. The need to prove him wrong and break his spell was becoming urgent. The breakthrough came when I simply asked myself what would I have said instead of his "cold death" phrase. "In hot death total burnout" I thought and looked up for hot in the latin dictionary, and there it was: Caleo= hot. The rest followed and when I had done the letters I added up the numbers in a easy way and got the most convincing result.

My plan was to recreate the scheme and structure of Osmans solution to prove that people with their distinct personalities would see different things in it and also that with a reasonable knowledge of language and gematria; One can write what one likes into this riddle. Just as M. Aquino did when he got his BOCFBN; he solved the riddle in II-76 to prove himself. His act always seemed to me as a way of writing himself into the book of the Law. And thats legal, but it sure is a heavy and powerful pact.
But as I looked at the result, I felt more trapped into a already determined action than anything else; as there appeared meanings that I hadnt suspected at all, plus that the lines of interpretations started to run, but they didnt go wild.

In 94 we had an open meeting and most people that was into these groups was there. I prepared my doc. that have got a very sharp introduction. I saw this necessary as Osmans group and project was in every way begging of such treatment. Today this doc contains more than it needs to, as I then simply didnt know what it was about and didnt really understand what was the important parts - I just had to examine all possibilities. Also the explanation/interpretation I guess I do better today, and hopefully this page will make the message.
The original doc is at :

The main content is:

AB KAL MOR STO VAL = In hot Death; enduring farewell. Alternatively: In hot death, the endurances farewell.

The remaining letters: PYR GX (Fire 93/ The highpriestess & the Emperor)
By modulations through greek letters: PURG Tz => Purgatory of the King.
All letters in a point : (see doc for how) R. (the letter of resh; the Sun.

The numbers added up to 111 ( the Fool) and when swapping the letters that have "swapmarks" in the original manus; these became the letters BHDT = the letters of Behudet as used on the stele 666 for the name of Hadit. I regard it as the signature.


An argument:
On evaluating any solution of Liber L II-76 should also be asked "What would this have meant to Crowley, or how would it fit into his views?" as non-thelemites could easily say nay to right solution and vica versa.

In the book "The Law is for all"; there is actually given a chart for someones death - and that is Perdurabos. It must therefore be him the speeches of death is directed to in L220. Therefore do I consider him :Perdurabo to be the measure of any solutions of the Liber L.
And the motto of his was the wellknown "I will endure to the end, for to the end endure naught.
He picked out the name to fit the motto this way: perdur= enduring ab= in o= zero/naught.
The poem of AC titled Perdurabo contains the sentence "I am crucified on a burning crag of steel". This tells about his inclination towards the temperature of death. Also the Bible; Revelations of St John tells that the Beast shall be cast into a lake of Fire. While all christians have felt that was a proper end to the foul beast, we can now see there is some sense to it.
So- I bet my treatise would have made sense to Fr. Perdurabo
Esp as when making a square of the name Perdurabo
It translates : Very durable in naught.

The slogan "In Hot death; enduring farewell" is fully parallel to his fratername.
Perdurabo succeeded in death as in life and is today a very active Saint.

At the Meeting in 94 - Keysersgt 7.

My immediate objection against Osmans solution.
The slogan "From cold death stand strong" contains a contradiction. It cannot be said that it takes death serious as the result stands strong. The person has died but is not dead. It simply denies the word death to function truly as death. It would then be the process of creating the Undead.

Osman argumented that his solution was right and a very objective one too, as what he did was only to "listen to the words and numbers" and then pulled out the words. I took the opposite stand, claimed that all I did was being subjective and reproduced the structure of his solution but filled it with another content, in order to show that its easy to produce something out of it it - if one only got the will.

I pointed out that there was no coherence between the solution of the numbers and the words in his solution, or anything that mutually supported eachother, but that he had seen the right solution on the numbers, but had rejected it and found the "thlema" solution as it offered some cover and confusion to the meaning of his solution. I asserted that the solution of the numbers that was meant for him to take was: (46+38+24+3) x (2x4) 89 = 888 & 89. These two numbers are the obvious parallells to the message of the letters, the nr. of JESOUS and the nr. of sin.(see Book of Lies chp 89.) If he had used this solution; it would be immediately clear that he was just a black brother that had found his way to power by writing his pact well within the Book of the Law, and the interest and mystique around his solution would be lost fast.
Fr. Osman didnt ignore this completely, but managed to paste a blank paper over the paper I had written and hung on the wall, and started speaking about something else. He has never ever commented this. But I think this later find does show beyond doubt that the solution of Osman is no random coincidence, but must be regarded as something put in by the author Aiwaz, as there were a easy solution to proclaim Black Brotherhood therein, but Osman went for a far more complicated one, which gave him some shelter.

Of his critique of mine were such things as that I had swapped the K to C in creating cal/caleo= hot. I thought it quite ridiculous as he started the swapping of letters. I also thought that just following the II-75 as some instruction was not needed. A riddle; by tradition is supposed to have surprising methods and results.

Osman had for this occation also prepared a typed page with nearly the same content. This page I have not got here. I recall that the greatest variation was that he had added "I" to "stand strong (on some grammatical grounds). I dont think it matters. I dont recall much else from this meeting anymore, except that Osman kept some long speech on Why Crowley didnt see this solution, without ever getting to his point, and that the discussion went offtopic ofcourse and that Alexander concluded that Osman was best on the letters while I was best on the numbers. This I agreed to already then, but today this stuff is only interesting because of the dynamics between the two treatises. And I regard its valuable only because of whats possible to extract of interpretation from it. And not because of the status possible to extract from having a solution upon the the riddle in TBOL.

Yes - its about death and resurrection. It is the outlining of the general prinsciples of Initiation, of leveltransgression, and thats where the ressurection theme becomes vital and useful for the magickian of today.

Magick is about using language to recreate itself in the world, so if its used magickally; its result were to force a lie upon the world; creating an ironic reality where fake death is death enough, and the supreme result of the slogans usage would be some initiation into the undead. But the likely result of use of this solution is gaining access to the thlemic qliphoth.
More of this...
Today many people are still abusing language as they speak about life after death. I regard this as just being imprecise, but used empowered in magick the quality of the error may get further implications and power. As Language is the prime tool of the magickian it must be consise and it must be protected against the abbreviations of trivial culture.
There is sure no life after death, but there may be consciousness, as we know there are discarnate entities, and that consciousness may take the ontological status of zero and still be vital. Life I regard as something that occurs in the process of birth; the appearance of material substance joined with consciousness containing will. Death I define as the total separation of the willprinsciple from its previous inhabited material. (This definition is made to be able to be used on levels that goes higher than assiah too)
The moral of this I regard as mainly an recommendation to evaluate ones own use of language and find out whats purposeful for one, knowing that one is also a magickian outside the temple, and the daily language is what reflects and defines ones daily reality to oneself. Osman created a very powerful collective current where his way of inspiring/contaminating people was his use of language. It gets more powerful as one knows what is substantial in reality and is thus refering to substantials, than talking about expressions one really doesnt know. Magick is a method that gives easy access to basic but difficult and lofty expressions like eternity, time or life a.o. Use it and learn by heart, body and mind in depth; get a concrete relation to the expressions that others uses to create fog.

This together with the fact that the content of his was of some pseudo christian nature that possibly could not interest more than the particularly interested, was the main objection to his assertion that this was THE solution of II-76.

The interpretation goes best when considering the date of writing 1904 and the author AC and his persons as shown by his fraternames.
But first something on temperatures.

On Temperature.
There are natural attitudes connected to these forms of death. Hot death is very painful and no attractive form of death, but as repulsive as possible.

The physical equivalents of Cold death is probably not well known in southern climate as it doesnt offer the conditions too often. Here in the north we know that freezing to death is one of the most beautiful ways of dying - told by people rescued on the threshold. Coldness is not comfortable to meet, but when the coldness creeps in and take charge, numbness sets in and an inversion happens - people starts to feel very warm and there is reported that many people who have frozen to death have undressed. From my own experiments in the north I discovered that on this stage happiness enters and the mood becomes blissful and reckless about any physical and mundane matter. I also learnt by experience the fact I already knew, if any parts of the body gets 2nd degree frost damaged; these parts gets especcially vulnerable to frost later on and will be the the first place where one starts to freeze. First degree frost damage is just the state of receiving the numbness and lack of feeling. This is harmless, but when getting into the heat again; the numb parts are very painful to warm again.
I have seen that these physical facts do bear close semblance with the conditions appearing when using the cold death as a formula for "spiritual development.
The signs of the cold death complex in the sole spiritual is sweet melancholia.

In 1904 the works of Nietzche was still very fresh. His fight against transcendalism is a part of the history of philosophy now. His philosophy headlined with"God is dead" contained the simple opinions that all struggles to reach beyond; to the transcendent is in vain, as its here in life that values can be experienced.
In this light; Osmans slogan is a direct and blatant use of transcendalism on the worst. Its like saying: "Come here and die and get your payment afterwards". But as the slogan is selfcontradictory and in short just a lie; - there is nothing afterwards, just the undead and the fallen. And these minions will crumble to dust in the light of the true sun. So - the single use of his formula I regard to be the troublesome way to annihilation.

The hot death slogan cant inspire to any direct going for any ressurection, as it simply is the painful end. It tells that death is forever and as such Life is now and thus the moral becomes: Live Now! The solution is followed by a what appears as a signature; by a fool; BHDT, who is a God and have no physical body.
The magickal implication in accepting this solution is that when one accepts the basic and trivial reality as it immediately occurs, it heals any levelconfusion that one may have aquired earlier. One will not anymore accept the idea of altruism/unconditional love etc, if one doesnt feel it. It therefore makes ones interaction with the actual paradigm one is living so much more powerful and secondly also so much more easy to transgress in a effective way, as there are no other interfering paradigms that swallow up the energy that one is accumulating. The Live now current/attitude is actually a genuine magickal tool or path.
So; the obvious alternative when looking for some general advice in TBOLs riddle is; to just pick out the good piece out of context and stand strong now.
There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt, therefore the sayings of Gods cant be regarded as commands anymore. If they make sense and appeal Man can decide to go for it, but its always Mans choice, as much as its his destiny.


Why was Osmans solution needed?
First; his magickal project was to create the Thelemic qliphoth, the thelemic averse, and this became trad christianity and the Osirian current recirculated and defined by Thelema. I dont know if the Secret chiefs wanted this or if it simply was his own thing. It happened by the use of a coto-camp entitled Nidhug. (the dragon in norse mythology that lies gnawing on the roots of the tree of life - its the lowest creep and genius indeed) And its sure worse than hell.
Second; the version of II-76 provided by me, contains no direct reference to any ressurection formula/slogan. It is by looking at his that we may se the obvious, that it is an comment to the ressurection theme. Therefore; only when presenting this treatise together with his, the ressurection theme becomes obvious and we are allowed to see some great dynamics in this piece that we would think had a more limited range.

Why Osman?
Os Man => heb. os= creation, man= refuse => "The denier of the world." Osmanian = turk. Numeration of Osman=1111.
But that name can be seen as: sma (name) ON.
Any OTO initiates will know that such a name shouldnt be passed off easily.
It is him that Crowley describes in the sudden description of someone in the comments of TBOL II-78. He only misses his first name Simen (pronounced Semen, - we called him slimen = slimy) by a couple of letters and he is thus entitled "simian" by Crowley. So I regard him as The prophet ! But I guess the reference to him in the Bible, the apocalypse of John is the false prophet. And in this we get framed a peculiar personality. Osman claimed also that he was named by Aiwaiss.
Fr Osman still this day claims that his solution is the right one, and does absolutely no attempts in preaching his wisdom (apart from two disiples), but has withdrawn from thelemic circles for instead practicing safe and smallscale spiritual crimes for his own entertainment among the spiritual unaware. The motto that was aired within his cult, but not said; was : As criminal as possible, without ever leaving any trace.
However when I look at the world and sees how little is understood of sane religion, I also am glad there exists such persons as him, which is able to excel in corruption and really show where us where the the dragons path of slime runs down to. And his work is needed; the legacy of Crowley does also contain the span between the lowest and the highest. The false prophet is of course suitable for truly finding the lowest deep. But without the solution of mine which defines his time and place he is more of a pest than of any value.

Fr Zoel Dana Kaim/Chaim.