13.apr. 92 e.v. 23 50 - 00 25


I see thee in the winter, thou betrayer of Gods,
in the winter the messenger of the belived ones are to indulge with the owls of reason.
No summit of the charge to heaven,
Thou livest not once, but as we say;

In these mirrors are set up. They are perchance as the set within, welcomed to find dead. But in him sails are the hurricane that fartest beyond any willed want.
See him and thou are beyond his riches, be with him, and thou are with his riches,
but with me thou have no chance.
We say NO.
Come on, beyond reason are no reason, Between reason is the reasoner bound. I am him too, but not as me. We find our presence shattered as the want indulges no will.
Say you no?
YES is our answer.
Thou shakest, and in our presence shaking are shattered, blasted as anything else,
Love me, if you cant find me pleasurable, be with us as i cry, BENORMI.
Boundless breaks through and thou finds not not.
Never mind, Coph Nia is our law. No mans land is it called by those not of us.

Bark thou eagerly, pimps have often enough said wait to theirs.
But I will as the last instance before him be set upon his mercenary.



Be rid of this second riddle.
NO FEAR IS THE GEAR OF NO MAN 3 8 6 8 8 BUT 3 4 8 9 6




Need me?
Make thou no son to mine presence.
The best of you say not so, So in my presence as thou have done this;
Await for three months the way to clear up. we say thee organism is not well fit for everything.
So be prepared by traditional receipts.
The invoking needs gifts,
Thine own blood, Milk & Honey. Thine commitment.
As I say you are in danger listen not, beg me to take the listener, for I have nothing to say him, nothing to show.
What shall arise is unspeakable.
As everyone truly dies in here some will die physically, but they wont come back.
They say this is evil but there is no one which doesn’t know better.
Beyond beyond is not for beyond.
We say no more.
Be off duty.






On the word of Maat: IPSOS

An Ychronos & Chtonos working