Ritual action: assumption of Godform.

"Soil !
Grapple and smear !
Fire out of these hands - Three out of one is enough for you to understand.
I Nektht-Amsu is going off to another scene.

A Throne - Pillars behind ( I see it shaped like the greek pi - or a very stiff cheth) and Horus enthroned.
To this picture - fenced - there is a word to use. ABRAHADABRA. The way is then to be seen.
And the sun is above. Riotly she screams as her work is done - kalas - going -
Three more scenes.

The Boat of millions of years - Ra hoor in the prow - Tahuti at the helm. The snake is encircling the Sun.
It is above the boat - independent circling free. The waters wave the boat. Here endurance happens to be - in the name AMSU-ATEN.

A standing snake - plain and single. It has got a crown on top. A turquise snake.
Her name is UATCHIT - still.

And the last scene.
A warrior holds two swords in an angle (90 degrees - symmetric posture) above his head.


Strife, - maybe - but though to be - still of these images -
there is to say that I do in these behold an utter line and that shall thou see -
for I as we do in the last scene uphold the merry twin angle to another use -
that their unawaredness shall not be disturbed -
the Chaos between shall conquer the bride indeed -
Her imagery is of me to be held in secret spaces -
Darkness prevailed this picture and then by then the end was forgotten - the bill came still.
Hereof there are new mysteries - these pictures do live their own life as you shall see -
please set them free.
Darkness again - being within as without and thereof but the

Holy O.
Uphold from the vanity of the soil
Do not come there - come thereof.

And in the two - burnt or frozen
spied upon and well chosen
The Lion faint and the Eagle scarce
do with me in simple hearts
unfold as the very chart.
Hereof the nine dancers all be a-start
To work the wonders of this Royal Art.

Three again and then off


I was speaking, no not really, I was listening to Ra Hoor Khuit and he refered to some God, and said something like “ I am more me in Nekht-Amsu.
This stirred my curiosity and I called him; Nekht-Amsu means Amsu; strong of arms. This text followed and was written down as fast as I could. It didnt tell me anything at reception, and I was glad, as it seemed the mystery wasnt intended for me at all.
But I was of course wrong; I was just lulled into some deception that kept my person unaware and also completely cooperative, I just wrote as fast as I could.
So the text became as Class A in mode of reception as any of my texts have been. The next question is : Is it interesting?
When I read the text afterwards I noticed the use of the names Aten and Amen put up against eachother. That provoked me immediately as any old egyptian conflict can.
But the rest was a mystery, and it smelled alchemy of which I stupidly remain ignorant.
The phrase” Darkness prevailed this picture and then by then the end was forgotten - the bill came still. “ is easier understood if one replaces the word “end” with “result”. I figure it refers to that there exists some method, rite which must be based upon our nature, of which we can obtain particular and beneficient results from, though the natural process is likely to cost, or simply regarded as bothersome o. a.

However, the images together with names for vibration constitutes a rite in itself that works. It worked tremendously well for me as the result was an astral talking stick !!
It was the wand depicted on the stele 666, kept by RHK. And its a fetish as great as anyone, a cool and witty companion. It harmonizes the world with the netherworld. A wand of double power.
The images have just been schetched so far and these are again lost.

Holy O refers to the particular nothing. That part of nothing which usually is missed.