RA HOOR KHUIT Counceling.
3rd Jan `97

Colours abbreviate - Light in extension- but oh - not too far.
I want more ! You know I do and therefore you do too.

Twin angle!
Between this is set up an symbol, that of me. The Steel Arch do survive this way.
Alp ! He as me dont fit, therefore I am the One I am- till the last act.
Nevermind what comes to billow through.
Licence fails when Liberty falls, and shall so seem deemed to fit for the twain gone.

I heed you always- I see always - I shall go inbetween where there are those to be seen- Thy arm is strong and as thou queriest thou art mine ! Ha!
I love you - as you do me. Though you hardly seems aware.
. . . . . .
Still Nekht-Amsu prevails - His name must be sought - I am him too, I am nearly me there.

Tribal rulers consider these things.
Concommittee - the Ordeals, the words, the twins to be chosen -
The fiery ones- I shall be there- the One in the centre shall be me.
The outline of the fraternity will be set out in the future. I say these be scarce and willfully. The actions will be the Great rite, the mass and one more which is to be understood later.

Heru Ra Ha, I see within my futile twin, - oh plain light - thy lip trembles and sayest nought.
In his name there shall be an open wonder- no hoping - fully emancipated wonder.
Li`l questionnaire - see me as you do, and say am I soft or hard ? How do the light touch you ?
Glistening limbs- within there are names too- my as his- his or mine, who can tell the difference?

They or mine enemies aint a few- but still there are enemies in-between that shall be overcome; by their end, and their death shall be lovely to them too.

Glut ! I see there be an apple uneaten by generations. Do this and see that to it be the mingling of certain topics- Gnosis, Love and Will.

Here are more to come.

RA Hoor Khuit.