9/6 89 en. - 6th June 1993 ev.



Zoel Dana Kaim/Chaim.
The ending of the words is the beginning of this;
that is your share.

2) The ghost in you troubles you more than me.
If these things be said rightly - the honour will glow and your pride be exalted upon earth.

3) Waiting for none to appear....
( I suddenly see Nuit as a very, very dead ghost roaming around this voice,
- I never ever had imagined her this way. It was actually scary!)

4) Wilkinson is your name for the upright going.
Where Wilkinson goeth, there aint so many as you to hear.

5) Problems; my brother, dont bother, they are theirs.
Mine is the way unseen and as you goeth, cometh thou,
ah alas the brain to go.

6) Arbitrary reasons has procured the way for you and them.
As aI stay here now, the word to be, for to you to pursue - is KINS.
And please let your Holy names be ruling for they have been chosen too,
but to other things than you.
And HO; garments beloved, beloved as you, waits for their end.
Besmitten they are, contaminous atrocities upon the mountains waits for another expose.
Alien as thou, brittle as him,
water sinketh and you are staying.

Crows murgle and enthrillous singing fills your air.
On him thou remarks:
Prone axioms fulfilled,
of course you were right.
And in his eyes the people stare and waits for the entangling to come agin.
Let there be light for them to tear them asunder.
Wizard upon glories! They have taken another mission.
That they will aride aside and together to the Holy City!

8) Not has filled us, Not has garmented us, her vain glory is fallen upon us.

9) Now let there be an unveiling.

10) The King has never promised anything, he liveth by his rules.
The Empress is not his, and they are the couple.

11) Af Ankh na Khonsu succeeded.

12) Now its your turn - to stars.

Calm! Feel the Fire. By our sacred hands, do still your parts.
The hands is all over the place !!! They were not by my own hands.
(This part (13) is likely to never be understood, as the words themselves are nearly arbitrary- (i think) -
what was going on was very complex.
He, Hadit in the role as Magickian, was applying the force of the snake, gently swaying from side to side, balancing his consciousness, the dynamo of being, being not, and accumulated power this way, and then released it. The temple ended in a rebellious rapture, it was very funny and wild, but what a mess. He then silenced, waited and made a low guttural hiss, that was very sensual.

14) Oh Many art thou which havent been asked.
We find always the ones by our word.
They becomes the words.

Living by our prinsciples, thou hast never a wasted day,
Any time, any day shall be wasted to the dogs.
For Loves sake, that thou shall be Wilkinson and not here but no where.
(Love enters and fills the Temple).

The word not known and unspoken:
The listener shall not say so.
For he by naught betrayeth nought do fall,
and those hearing wont say it.

You heard right -- ARAMAND

Vain people, folly of Gods
Sitteth they not on their self?
Fools approves,
and they are as you,
alien to themselves.
For the word begotten by Maat has not been exposed truly
and shall never be, exept to themselves.

On this I really dont care, but to you:
Insist - persist - endure
Thou hast not yet caught it all!
Who so see thine death shall also be glad!

Again ! Again ! Again !

Who so sayeth this shall beware, Horus the enchanterer is the enchanted.
By me or you? No!
By his precence,
his precence is evident and the evidental success is MINE.
Oh Lordship !!

Vacant eyes glitters at you,
whom is there? Do you see?
I dwell there, I see it, the course of the run.
Purple- marked world.

Arrive thou in his house, beware the Stelè.
There is Aumgn enough for you.

Cold. Art thou freezing? I aint.

ALBaN; thou precious, I hear,
By this thou maketh sure the difference of the signs to occur.
Before the hands make witness.

And the precence to you.
Make cold weather and they art again on their field.
Bitter and blue, gross as the dross,
I say you so, their precence shall be me; HADIT.

For the word of tomorrow,
there is to say Good Night,
Theban Fields,
on your heavens dwelleth many and Ones.

The portals chosen appears to you as the heavens open and accomplished,
to them as the unbreakable wall, - you see?

Billions of plentyness,
In multitude there is fight,
strive thou to achieve your judgement.
By its word they shall

The mirrors break, he hath gliss and no bliss.
Foreign he is, the rest of exist.

(It became here clear that our time was out, so I raised a question of which I thought was relevant - as I have always thought Hadit is so difficult to access, and he disappear fast if he .. yes if what? I asked: Will you be there when I call ? The answer was a clear reference to the (undone) work of DOzmt :

It is granted by your axe.