As for use in Fraternitas Rosicrusiana Antiqua and The Thelemite Gnostic Apostolica.
Written by Fr.Zoel Dana Kaim/Caim & Fr. Wilkinson in 1997


The temple is as in the Gnostic mass, with these exceptions: the flowers that may be used is hyacinths, tulips or any kinds of lilies. Two bottles of wine is placed just in front and behind the Font; opened, the wine and breads for the congregation is placed on the High Altar. Also ,on the High altar where the Book of the Law is placed, a square with the inscription Perdurabo (See Illustration below) is placed behind the book, on its edge, with hebrew letters, emerald on white, from right to left. in tree rows. The veil is blue and not transparent. This veil may be decorated with stars or the zodiac circle. The Pantacle with the bread is placed upon the Incense Altar.

(The Perdurabo square- see commentaries on ZMN)

The Warden has got an ordinary Warden uniform. White shirt, black tie, leather belt, black trousers, white socks & ordinary shoes (no boots). He has got The Book of the Law in his chest pocket and a emblem of the Sun worn at overarms. (Badge) No Frippery. He carries a sword.
The Knights wears respectibely white or black robes. The Black Knightwears a blue vest over his black robe while the White Knight wears a red one.
The Hermit has got a black Tau robe with black hood, under these he has got a white robe with a white hood, he carries a sword in a black belt. Over this he has got a black mantle rich with embroideries in black.

Most Sincere or ironic; theatrical it should be without forgetting that this is not theatre; this is a ritual drama where none is actors but Magickians somewhere within or between reality and adapted reality. These Magickians are responsible to follow their inspiration; the forces they receive while performing; to further manifest these so far its possible without spoiling the continuation of the drama and creating surprises to strong for the co-magickians. The play should proceed so slowly that it allows the partakers to also concentrate on raising powers.


The veil is closed. The temple is nearly in the dark. The congregation is admitted by the warden. He enters in front of the Incense Altar ( I.A.) facing the congregation( Con.)
The Warden : "There is division hither homeward, there is a word not known".
He turns, faces the veil, hails by this posture : genuflects by setting the right knee to the floor, the left angled, the left hand clenched striking the breast, the left arm straight angled, hand up
(This posture is meant when "Hail sign" is written later , the exception is when it is referred to the Black Knight, the left & right attributions is then switched.)
In this posture The Warden utters :" By the mute word do I call you, Ineffable Lord":
He gives the sign of silence (Heru-pa khraat), still sitting.
The Warden: "Enter the world , raise the spell, and let us fulfil the abomination of desolation."
The Hermit :(from behind the veil) "How shall I lawfully enter this place which neither hear or see me, nor comprehend or receive me?"
The Warden arises, turns, picks up the bread and coin (The Pantacle) and anoints it with a single stroke from top to bottom (over the bread lying upon the coin) coinciding with the vibration of the word Thelema in the proclamation of the sentence: "The word of the Law is THELEMA. He then turns again;
The Warden: "Hear my password: PAN.He draws the circle and the cross over the veil vibrating;
The Warden: "PANGENITOR". "Come thou forth and take your place. The Hermit, robed and hooded in black, renders the veil, crosses his hands over the breast. The Warden kisses his crossed hands while doing the Hail sign. The Hermit takes the coin and the bread with his right hand bows his head slightly in an acknowledgement.The Hermit then do one ambulation where 7 crosses is equidistanced with the vibration of the words of VITRIOL-
The Hermit :"Visitae- Inferior -Terrae - Rectificando- Invenies- Occultum - Lapidus" (He starts approximately with the White pillar and the Rectificando gets vibrated behind the font (F.)

The Warden takes place behind the I.A. and The Hermit returns to the place in front of I.A. and he face the Warden.
The Hermit: "Beastly Afternoon".
The Warden and Con.: BEASTLY AFTERNOON.
The Warden: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law- (Here The 3rd opens the veil and puts the coin and bread upon the H.A. while the Warden continues.)
The Warden: I proclaim the law of Light, Life, Love and Liberty in the name of IAO.
The Con. : Love is the law, love under will. The Warden:

The Confession:
1."I believe in The most Holy No God as much as I believe in The Only One God, His fight in Dualism and His dispersion in everydays Polytheism; Inner Lord Heru-Ra-Ha; spirit beyond spirit; nourishing breath and devouring light; masked and in charge, in his name Ra Hoor Khuit.
2. And I believe in the division of creation, whereby I have received way home, the Tragedy and Comedy of Pan, in their names Ychronos and Chtonos. Blessed Kingdom.
3 And I believe in the going of the Holy Trident called Shin, mystery of mystery in his name AMSU.
4. And I believe in One Gnostic Church of Light, Life, Love and Liberty; The word of whose Law is Thelema; Whose Gnosis is the Certainty of the Divinity of consciousness and whose Prophets articulate the ongoing of spiritual thruth.
5. And I believe in the communion of the Saints.
6.And for asmuch as meat and drink are transmuted in us daily into spiritual substance, I believe in the miracle of the mass.
7 And I confess my Life as One, individual and eternal that was and is and is to come.
OU ME - OU ME - OU ME." (pronounced OM)
The Warden withdraws to the place behind the F., facing forward.

The warden takes place behind the F. facing High altar (H.A.) The Knights arrive from the room which in the EGC mass is used as tomb. Here its just "a room", death is elsewhere. The Black knight on the left side with a black Athame in his left hand. This Athame is formed as the Ankh it is and preferable in copper.The White Knight is carrying a straight wand without any ornaments, an iron bar. Between them they carry an oil lamp which is placed within an urn which is transparent but very well nice coloured (warm coulrs like red and orange) and preferable in the form of the Egyptian abu symbol (heart) . They halt when passing the Warden holding the lamp above his head.
They vibrates: WK: I .
The Hermit:O.
They proceed to the open space between F. & I.A. and elevates the lamp and their weapons while the Warden and the 3rd sheathe their swords raise them in a 60 degree angle (from the floor) to a common point above the lamp.
They vibrate:
The Hermit & Warden A U R
The Knights proceed further till they get the IA. between them and vibrates :
The Hermit: I-U .
The knights breathes Heh the best they can within the 3rds vibration .
The Knights The Hermit the lamp whom takes it and kisses it. He puts it down on the I.A.
The Hermit : Greetings from heaven.
The Knights raises their weapons (and keeps them raised) and answers:
The Knights: Greetings from the Earth.
The Hermit goes to the utter right of the WK: and annoints his wand with the holy oil (thumb between index and medius), he goes to the utter left of the BK and annoints his Athame with index and medius. He takes the central position in front of them, they lower their weapons.
The Hermit toWK: .: From ancient wilderness, arise. He draws a cross over the genitals of the
WK: vibrating: : "CHThONOS. May thy work be content and wise."
The Hermit to the BK : "From the embrace of heaven be free. He draws a horizontal circle above the head of the BK vibrating: "YCHRONOS. May thy virtues gather the fee."
The Hermit takes a step or steps backwards till he is just behind the veil, takes the Tau posture (or called elsewhere Osiris slain) and recites:
The Hermit while concentrating on the formula LZCZ proclaims:
Hail to you, identical point of balanced life.
Hail to you, carnate brothers in love and strife.
Hail to the Grail which is a chariot through hell.
Hail to the travail of the unambiguided well.
He closes the veil.

The knights down their weapons upon the I.A. and makes the signs of Brotherhood according to their Fraternity's instruction. They so pick up their weapons. BK takes hold of the upper part of WK: wand, holds it to chest height.

BK : "Iachin I call you, your KIN I know. Here are the words wherewith thou shall go: HO SHA KAIB OSH".
WK: takes BK`s hand which holds the Athames centre and puts it to the heart.
WK: "Boaz I call you, IAU is thy faith, Here are the words that restore thy trait : HA ! KHABS SAHU".
BK: "HO ! KHU AN".
WK: raises the Athame to his mouth and kisses its shaft and then pulling it down.
BK levers the wand upwards.
Both: VIAOV.
They so clash weapons and departs, starting their ambulations, theWK deosil, while BK goes widdershins - singing vibrating in the rhythm they find suitable:
WK: Ha khabs sahu.
BK: Ho khu an
Both: IAU ka am qai nu, IAO nub ka

BK: Ho sha kaib osh.
WK: Sha ka ash
Both: Khabs ab o khu nai nu neneh

Both: VIAOV.

This is repeated and the Warden and the Con. starts howling:
Warden and the Con: U-I-A-O-U. (repeats mantra)
When the Warden decides that this has been effective he proclaims loudly "For the name of the game is IAO."
All ceases the chanting.
The Black Knight takes his place behind of the F.
The White Knight in front of the I.A.
WK: Fires incense and takes the hail posture while reciting:
WK: "Daring spirit of the snake: cripple thou not,- but awake and extol in thy majesty,
heed thou thy lordly lust - vigil and set thy sigil upon thy likings crest."
BK: Puts salt into the water, takes the hail posture and recites:
BK: "Foaming spirit of water: tremble thou not within,
but as the security set, thou are not with me yet.
Therefore do I call you, from the abodes of light, from the abodes of the dark,
appear, so that I shall your simplicity and sincerity get."
WK: "For this is the true covenant of resurrection:" he takes the wand and puts it into the incense-fire (charcoal) " In hot death, enduring farewell." He draws the sigil of the sun with the wand. (circle & dot.)
BK: "For this is the true covenant of resurrection." He puts the Athame into the F.
BK: "From cold death: stand strong." He draws a P with the Athame and thereupon a X.
WK: Bahlasti Ompeda, I....
Here he gets interrupted by the warden, whom by a few quick steps gets into their centre: The Warden: Wait, Await, He then addresses south (where it may be to him)
The Warden: "Anubis I call, Anubis of the south, I say. Come thou forth from thine sacred house of decay, to sprinkle forth the waters of HOOR to lay. Trustful guardian of the Ka - Forced fence thou gearest, twain duty thou bearest. Awful is the ordeal that thou succedest. Come thou forth in all thy might, and bless us with thy plight."
The warden withdraws from the centre.
The BK starts silently to pour wine into the chalice on the F. - half full.
TheWK: comes down to the F. They are standing face to face and WK sees BK into the his eyes saying:
WK: Hear my promise, from here on, All goes to you. He pours wine into the chalice till it runs over. He puts down the bottle goes up in the sign of Apophis and continues :
WK: "Hear my curse and blasphemy against all gods of men: I AM THE ONE." (He remains in the apophis posture).
BK: . Sekau sebau sek seki.

The Hermit opens the veil from behind. He goes forth, draws the sword and together with the warden raises the swords in the same manner as earlier.
The Hermit proclaims: AMN HO. He then elevates the lamp over his head.
The warden leads the Con. in the well known verse:
The Warden & Con.:
Appear on the throne of RA
Open the ways of the khu !
Lighten the ways of the Ka!
The ways of the Khabs run through
to stir me or to still me
AUM let it kill me.
When the Warden starts the reading The Hermit takes the lamp to the Table in front of the H.A. he is followed by the knights,
BK puts the Athame on his left thumb, so that he can carry the chalice in that hand too.
The WK: takes his right hand by his left and they proceed upwards on each side of the F.& I.A.
The knights face each other standing in front of the H.A. The Hermit in the middle, behind them, he stays in a posture of Ra, straight with arms raised in a 30 degree angle. He stays in this till the warden finishes the verse. The knights keep the weapons in the hands closest to The Hermit.
The Knights join the other hands holding the chalice together, TheWK puts the wand into the Athame. The Hermit puts thumb between index and medius, puts it into the chalice and draws the Mark of the Beast in wine upon WK' forehead. BK kisses WK. They seat themselves beside The 3rd, BK at left, WK at right in the position of "the God", except that they do sinistrum junctionis over the heart of The 3rd, who has crossed his hands over the breast, so that his left hand covers their junction. They remain in this posture while The Warden reads the anthem.

The Anthem.

" Here the anthem doth commence
Love and constancy is dead
Phoenix and turtle fled
in a mutual flame from hence

So they loved, as love in twain
had the essence but in one ;
two distincts, division none;
division there in love was slain

Hearts remote , not yet asunder;
Distance and no space was seen
twixt the turtle and his queen
but in them it were a wonder.

So between them Love did shine
that the turtle saw his right
Flaming in the Phoenix` sight:
Either was the others mine

Property was thus apall`d
That the self was not the same
single natures double name
Neither two nor One was called.

Reason in itself Confounded
saw division grow together
to themselves yet either neither
simple were so well compounded

That it cried how true a twain
seemeth this concordant one !
Love hath reason, reason none
if what parts can so remain.

(Is the self the same?)
The Warden pour some water in a vial and gives it to the BK which arises, draws a triangle of water upon the Hermit - shoulders and navel.
BK: In the name of ON do I continue.
Warden fetches the incense (puts more to) and gives it to WK: who does the same as BK , but a triangle, placed about nipples and lips .WK: In the name of NU do I go on.
The BK touches the centre of this hexagram with the Athame.
The WK touches the centre of this hexagram with the wand.
The Warden: "Who is this then? Is it the God that seizeth the soul and eateth hearts and liveth upon entrails ? Or is the guardian of the darkness which is within the Sekeri boat?"
The Knights: No, no its not.
The Warden: Well, who is this then?
BK: It is the bewinged God Seker unwinding, becoming Sokhar, The presiding God within the Fortress of the Law. BK pulls off his black hood, which reveals a white hood.
WK: It is the Slayer of the destroyer, the prevailer of Seb`s soul, it is the God Sokhar dwelling within the Hall of Certainty. He opens the black robe of the Hermit , and it reveals a white robe, the black is removed.
BK: facing con. "Anubis has been weighing and by Anthir, I swear we are within Truth and Justice."
WK: facing con. : "We are of Heru, pure of heart and pure of bodies".
The Warden: Well it is, but what is the key for us to this house?
The Hermit rises concentrating on the formula ZUCB while proclaiming:
Hail to the bailed breath in between.
Hail to the gale exceeding from therein.
Hail to the reaper of such whirlwind.
Hail to the perfect of this kind.
They get seated again. The Hermit lay his hands on the urn with the lamp in.
The Hermit : IU.
WK & BK : Heh.
The knights put their weapons into the fire, yeah into the Fire and then all tree :
The Hermit & The Knights: IPSOS.
The Hermit kisses the lamp. The Knights lay away their weapons. They take the position "the God" again, they fold their hands on the chest of The 3rd, but this time its the left of BK and the right of theWK This conjunction gets situated on the middle of the chest and the 3rd`s crossed hands meets their palms.

The Warden: " Lord of the Aeon, Crowned and conquering child- in the name of Heru Ra Ha we now greet thee- Though this Child be unbegotten, that is clear for us to see, you be the All begetter uniting us all within thine three. 3 - 1 - 2 - non.
To thee do we attain through thine one ordeal- The great work!
Enforced and fine; Augmenters of Justice, we welcome you heartily to this nights praise of the mystery of continual uprighteousness : Stand and stay : (here the warden draws a cross for each name, if not any thing else is indicated within brackets after the name)
Zoroaster, Enok, Basilides, the snake tongue Zoel Dana Kaim-caim (Y), Epicuros, Zeno. And Shabathu, Saladin, Hercules, The Sacred band of Thebes, the Spartans and the Athenians. And we hail thee Great wild Beast 666 To Mega Therion, (the sigil of the beast) also in thy names Perdurabo, Ou Me (X) and VVVVV (O) and sir Aleister Crowley. -and Thoth, Maat, Aton Ra, Nu, Khephra, Osiris, Tum, Shu, Anubis, Amsu, Khem, Min and thou whom we gather around tonight, HERU, come thou forth in all thy variety and simplicity. Also Zevs, Ganymedes, Apollon, Hyacinthus, Ianus and Hodur, Baldur, Einherjene, Hyrrokin and Valkyriene. And there are those whom we can't name, since their names are lost or their Sainthood have been kept in secrecy. We therefore acknowledge the curse begot by those who have destroyed, prohibited and cloaked the tradition by shame; with the words: - yielders to the division of hate. We do therefore now keep the work of the Black Knights in high esteem; Their individual fights being most severe and in the likeness of King Arthur's raising of the Sword from the Anvil : Raising the division of Love from the unconfined to a bright shining star which we would like to follow. We commemorate these in the name of Nemo (O) Holy be thy quiet and compassionate Office unto the ages. - Further- Dante Alighieri, Jack B. Molay, Francois Rabalais, Michelangelo, Dr John Dee, Edward Kelly and the nine Enockian Fire Spirits of whom we name Periak, Pa-I-on, and Perio, further William Shakespeare, Goethe, Nietzsche and C. G. Jung.- Saints of righteousness, companions of the Trident: Embrace us in joy with your virile, compassionate ardour, so that we may partake in your continuation.

But Now ! Heart of the Galaxy, Blessed big bang beats waving and spiralling throughout the ocean of the Universe. Your time is now.
PEOAL: 69636 Lanterns, Magnificent carpets of nothing but stars wowen and free going. Your time is now.
Heart and Centre of the Universal Brotherhood; Home of the Secret Chiefs, Brotherhood of the Law. Your time is now.
Hunahpuh and Xbalanq; Excellent Starboys; you know for sure; The Crossroads; the Great Tree of the Universe and the content therein. Your time is now.
Royal Consciousness; born in the awakening of the Universe, transmitted by Pluto; administered to us by the Sun. Your time is Here and Now. Always Now. Eternally Now. Unlimited Here and Now in the great name : AMN AThON ON.

The Hermit picks up the bread and puts the it into the fire.The Hermit: Gloria, High Priestess, bless thou the particula of the Taui with thy descending Glory to the flames herein, so that we may benefit and become enriched in health, strength and Life.(Music.) He puts the ashes back to the coin. The Knights arises proclaiming:
The Knights: There is no Law beyond do what thou wilt. They remove the hood of the Hermit .
The Warden: I proclaim the winner of the game: HERU RA HA.
The Knights takes the Hail posture facing the Hermit:
The Knights: Marvel beyond imagination, Jove it is and Jove it shall be, Sheer fulfilment of heart and soul, the flesh lingered and he to come is free. AUM HA ! HERU RA HA !
The Knights puts on hoods and takes seat again.The Hermit takes up the chalice.
The Hermit: I bless this unbound light of the Fraternity of Ra Hoor Khuit with mine breath that it may go on and on and on to fulfil Will and love under will in the Lily-white dance of eternity.
He breathes upon the chalice. Music.
The Hermit arises, elevates the chalice and the pantacle with bread. The knights go into the Hail posture facing con.(This time the left-right attributions are switched for both.
The Hermit: "Ki Ki Ki" (pronounced kee- e.g. for exalted)
"The perfect and the perfect are one perfect, not two, nay, are none.
The Warden strikes the bell. 3-5-3- while the Hermit silently addresses Nuit.
The Hermit : "To Thee" ! All 3 : "AUM HA".
The Hermit puts down the sacrament. The Knights resume the position of "the God"
The Hermit takes up the Athame with the left hand, the wand with the right. He goes forward and draws the sigil of the sun; the circle with the Athame and marks the dot inside with the wand. He proclaims:
The Hermit: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."
Con.:" Love is the Law , Love under will".
The Hermit resumes place.
The Warden comes forth, hails, and genuflects.
The WK holds up the coin and bread for the warden. The Hermit bids the Warden takes the Bread.
The Warden: "In me be the holy Kingdom."
The BK: takes the chalice and gives it to the Hermit. The Hermit bids theWarden the Chalice :
The Warden: "In me be the holy O. (drinks.)

Here the communion is served and executed as described in the Gnostic Mass, the Hermit and Knights do not partake, since they are actually playing the spiritual interior of the warden.
The Hermit veils himself with the hood. The Knights pull off theirs, pick up their reinforced weapons, arises and closes the veil.WK:draws cross over the cong. to the right side: + "May the Blessed Lord fill you" -
BK: draws cross over the con. to the left side + "May the Lords shine forth from you; arousing all hearts and nourishing every body -
Both: + "May the Lords think and speak the truth, performing True Will, leading us all deep within Cosmic love to find the perfect Satiety of the Star among Stars" ! Music: They so depart hand in hand on each side of I.A. & F. Warden first. Congregation leaves.