The Priestess of the Silver Star,
the Path Gimel and the Office of the High Priestess.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

There are ways of walking the path which today still remains fully unexplored, and not so very surprising it is the more feminine ways. I have in communities observed many females and how they tend to grip the mysteries and how they relate them to own person. I have by this been able to trace the contours of some standards, some repeated attitudes and modes of conduct that seems to be intimately connected to the ATU of the High Priestess. Thanks goes to Hilde who is the woman who first developed the lines which I am to describe. Also thanks to Paul Rovelli whose interest and eager correspondence have been vital in producing this essay. Some of his comments are also found here.

This document is meant to be seen as inspirational only, if anyone gets inspired and sees the chance of using methods as indicated herein, they will also have to rely on their own solutions as this doesnt tell everything.
If there are to be made more authoritative documents out of this, I guess that these be the Ordination Papers for a gnostic church. And as the path of Gimel is a lofty one, the Ordination shouldnt be for ordinary Priestesses, but for female Bishops, that is High Priestesses.

The High Priestess and the Scarlet Woman.

The ATU of the Priestess planetary attribution is the Moon. And the Godesses behind this figure have seen to be Nuit and Isis. The main text of inspiration for this role I have seen been the first Chapter of the Book of the Law.
Her sister The Scarlet woman does also much of the same work as The Priestess, but there are some clear differences. The Scarlet Woman draws her powers from Babalon and of greater importance to her, is the 3rd chapter of the Book of the Law. As their paths are respectively Gimel and Teth and because of this they will come up with different solutions on same kind of work. The Scarlet woman does also have a natural affinity to the path of Cheth. However they are free to go where they will.
And also, the path of Gimel can also be thread by men as well, this document can make sense for them too, but personal adaptation is obvious
here too.
The Priestess Atu passes from Tiphareth to Kether. And traversing this path includes making ones way through Knowledge or Daath.

The path of the High Priestess

So, here are the points found yet that then describe the ethical virtues of value to the High Priestess of the Silver Star.

1. Detachment !

"Now, therefore, I am known to ye by my name Nuit, and to him by a secret name which I will give him when at last he knoweth me. Since I am Infinite Space, and the Infinite Stars thereof, do ye also thus. Bind nothing! Let there be no difference made among you between any one thing & any other thing; for thereby there cometh hurt." AL I.22

"If this be not aright; if ye confound the space-marks, saying: They are one; or saying, They are many; if the ritual be not ever unto me: then expect the direful judgments of Ra Hoor Khuit!" AL I.52

The High Priestess develops detachment to everything by the virtue of her attachment to the couple of Nuit and Hadit that is None indeed. As a result, any paradigm is feasible for her to play with, because she leaves it where she found it; untouched, as she never become attached to it. And she becomes free to touch everything more firmly than any other as she gains confidence about her holy position. She uses her adaptability and way of assimiliation to take enter the position of all entities; Gods, Saints and then also devils, learning the facets of it all. She gives her commitments as she will and withdraws them as she will, guarding her path by not promising overmuch.

If her loyalty is elsewhere she should know this before even assuming her office. Her loyalty to Nuit and Hadit is her prime mover and safety rule nr 1 to her heavy labour and without them she is in vain. Therefore is her work made easier in a community which have got a clearly set up Official for her. Nuit and Hadit disappears at times, but simply appearing officially may be the little miracle that brings her back in duty and touch again.

Ever to me !

Detachment may seem to be attained by two methods, inhibition or expansion. The first method leads to the cold heart as restrictions to action may be put to own person as the response to disappointment, fear and failures. This is obviously no good solution, even if the cold, closed and armoured heart may seem to function very well at times, and things may be effectuated. Also note that disappointment is an emotion, but the decision which adjusts later actions like "never go to that place again" is a thought, that is in accordance with the small worldview of the little disappointed feeler. This link can be broken by reconsidering modes of conduct previously decided in low times. This may help restoring dignity lost.
However, if the Priestess doesnt voluntarily explore the principle of ice, restriction and the ways of the cold heart, these things will sneak into her from behind, and will start to pervade her presence. For restriction is a way of its own, being an obstacle of illwill guarding the access to a silent inertia, so if she misses parts of her loyalty to this, and is moved by the forces which she must overcome, she will slowly change into the queen of Ice, and her community will start to fear her.
She explores the ways of restriction ritually and by careful philosophical examination, she sorts out how it crosses her path and by the help of retirements she is able to go these themes in depth. This instead of watching how these themes are brought out in play in her human environment. The short solution to these themes is that they must be brought to sleep and inertia. Vanity is brought to failure,without making it the sensation of the Year.

This full detachment which is considered herein, is not made possible before one has attained the mystic essence of Tiphareth, as its by that point one truly gains access to the macrocosmos. Any premature attempts on this detachment may just happen by created boundaries, denial and restriction as the Human DOES belong to the world, and shall be attached there. Just by the mystic essence and the extraction of all consciousness into this point is this kind of detachment sane.

The way of excess is to explore the world and self with passion and this leads us to the next point:

2. BODY. The Moon.

The Priestess explores with enthusiasm the range of perceptions that all her bodily mechanisms can provide. Her sensitivity is brough from peak to peak, and she lustrates herself by exploring the failures of pain, as much as the delicacy of extacy. Her confidence in the everpresence of the divine couple, makes her also let go from extacy over to labour without tears. The abstinence of the extacy is removed by an anger flowing fast through the body and leaves it ready to face what comes next.
Her developed perceptions serves all her friends as herself in that she notices more than most people, her love of it all lets her into the coldest heart and there she may spread the light as well. She notices insincerity in the room next too her, and doesnt go into the traps set up by her jealous enemies.

She developes empathy to a level which christians even didnt dream of. But the Priestess knowing emotions as simply feelings isnt necessarily moved by the contents. If there be wounds around, she rather sorts out the practical manners of nursing, sticking to the Beasts teachings on the effective and practical application of will, rather than partaking in and developing a pitiful weep-out party. Still she doesnt forget or ignore the sublimity of the human touch and the intensity of tenderness, as they mean more to us than generally acknowledged.
She fights the tyrannic sides of emotional intimacy, and does not support and help it in winning, that will whose final argument is just that it feels bad and worse than everybody else.
She is empathically moved by those radiating Light, Love, Life and Liberty, while to the others she finds practical or spiritual solutions, or leave them to time for healing. She moves them to be empathic with her light. By this she is kept high by her community and she gathers strength.

The body have a way of storing memories that will at times seem very commanding. It stores failures, and memory of violence and the apparent cause of violence. This is fought by the virtue of the Moon. The Moon is childlike in its relation to time and it lives preferably in the here and now. This may to the Saturnian person make the moon seem reckless, unpredictable and of course lunatic, but here be gifts to be explored.
In MTP AC says:
Man is ignorant of the nature of his own being and powers. Even his idea of his own limitation is based on experience of the past, and every step in his progress extends his empire. There is therefore no reason to assign theoretical limits to what he may be, or what he may do.

The Moons focus on the here and now, may be the effective break with history that commands the human to take an unecessary inferior position . The focus and work at other times on the body may purge its memory and help it take the stance of here and now. And it leads to freedom from and to.
(The use of history may prove valuable to others, which identify differently to her path, and in particular those which will identify with the point of no extension; Hadit - there the history of names may be very useful as Hadit also disappears at times.)
The full exploration of all sensatory faculties will lead to the understanding of their limits, and they will have no command over one as their scope have been seen, and the hollowness of the tragedy have shown to be empty.

Crowleys direction in the Gnostic Mass:
The Priestess. Should be actually Virgo Intacta, or specially dedicated to the service of the Great Order.

She remains unimpressed by the Men of Earth that screams for eternal Love and who believes that weddings and contracts can squeeze the timeless ecstasy of Love into a frame that will uphold it regardless of the rest of the situation. She is faithful to the continuous couple of Nowhere and everywhere; Nuit and Hadit. She is touched by No-thing, and the man of earth is just a chance for her to partake in this continuous and eternal flow of divinity. Thereby she stays virgo intacta; touched by No-thing. And she does not confuse Hadit with the flesh of a specific Priest or Man of Earth. And she chooses as she will. Making commitment to her Priest in order to be able to get the practical matter working, so that their Masses will spread the light.

Crowleys use of irony should be apparent in his calling for the Priestess to be Virgo Intacta in his version of the Gnostic Mass. With Liber AL vel Legis calling for Mary inviolate to be torn upon the wheels, its certain that chastity in every way holds no virtue in Thelemic doctrine. Rather the Priestess should be self-contained, a complete woman unto herself and though desirous of connecting with a lover, not needing this to prove her own worth. Rather, she seeks a sensual connection to life. And she focuses on her perceptions, trains her body to be her finest instrument whereby she On might make a study of the writings of Kirkegaard on this matter and even the writings of Anais Nin. But she is known for her style and grace, and through it so many virtues can be shown. Her seat on that altar equally shows the discipline in her pose and the style and grace that she brings to the Mass and to the community.

3. No Name

A name limits ultimately to a specific Logos. But the Priestess is free to worship and behold any and every Will. Light in extension, Khabs am Pekht is a certain key to her formulary. No name can possibly belong exclusively to the continuous (consider this even a pun on Nemo) over and above all others.

We see that this choice may seem to be outside the system of A:.A:. in that this system is designed to bring forth the human point in the form of a Logos; the Magician and Mage, and also avoid mystics and sneaks to partake in it.
But the Priestess choice must be regarded as an golden opportunity to embrace the All as she has no particular Logos, and no natural enemies either. She avoids the pitfall of the Logos-dominated Magickian as she creates a specific path and zone that is hers, ultimately in the end having no specialty or bias to overcome. The logos is the prime point of view. The Priestess partakes in all points of view. She developes a meta-view.

Hilde who explored this path first and have been my main source of inspiration, did not expound this part, but she once burst out in anger and left no doubt behind about her choice :
"I dont want to be some fucking thing that can be conjured."
And as the years went by, the traffic on diverse e-mail list made me wish for some protection Order for Saints. The lack of reverence from those falsely identifying their gross point of view with something divine speaks - for itself.
However; any name may be seen as a confounding of the spacemarks of heaven, and an obstacle to truly identify with the continuous.

In combining this option with A:.A:. we can consider the following: She may regard all names taken in the A:.A:. as mottos (modes of action) instead of names, which represent her solutions to progress that specific states that the A:.A:. degree happens to be about.
When considering this; we see that names are classified in two categories ; names and mottos. Names are understood to point directly at the person as Object and subject, while the motto describes the manner of action of this centre. We then see that a name as described points to kether, while the motto points to Chokhmah; that is existence (Kether) in its dynamic aspect.

And as the Priestess draws powers from the continuous all the time in her Office, her choice becomes natural.
It will thus be seen that this option is natural to the path of Gimel and not of the regular path of Tipareth- Geburah - Chesed- Binah- Chokmah - Kether.

4. Knowledge and Daath.

Knowledge is one of her tools. Carefully, not attaching any personal value to any philosophical branch, she uses them all. Her personal engagement is rather found in the coordination of currents in our collective consciousness. Bringing them forth as she or others could use them. She uses her knowledge deliberately and freely in building paradigms, that to her are as casting of a circle. She is girt with the Sword of Knowledge as one of the flaming swords that guard the gates of Paradise.

Her particular brand of Magick is close to mystisism, but isnt. She have noticed that when practising magick there follows larger waves of currents which we term initationcurrents. These pulls one through the domaine of solipsism as well as illumination. She have identified these as temporary currents belonging to the sephiroth and denies their appalling dominance. She insists on the supremacy of a higher reality and wants to be alert and prepared for any situation that is likely to happen in a magickal community. She therefore specialises in banishing to be able to withdraw to her balanced center if thats whats needed or wanted, equating the discipline of banishing as an adoration unto Nuit. Or she uses her philosophy to interprete the temporary reality as it occurs, finds the solution in formulaes and creates a rite, or bursts out in spontanious ritual that completes and fulfills the paradigm and uses the released energy to create a willed paradigm, or lets it pass further on natural.
This method is somehow the magickal version of Zen`s Here and Now method/nonmethod.
Her path isnt always so straight because she is loyal to the supreme reality of Kether and the Moon in her demands changes fairly often. Still; her uprightness and faith in the ultimate aim is her key to strength, vigour and success.

In overcoming daath she dedicates herself to the three weapons; Dagger, scourge and Chain and their study and use, and of course the Holy oil. She eventually builds the Trident in her body and raises it.

Treatise already created on Trident and Dagger - to be uploaded and linked.

5. Radiance

Her ultimate source of power is gained through the coupling of Nuit and Hadit as Binah and Chokmah and described symbolically in the Gnostic Mass. And their culmination to a polarity involving Ra-Hoor-Khuit (Tiphareth the Childe of her work also approached from the lower side of the Abyss through the formula of ON) and Kether, raising the Aspiration to Kether and nourishing the collective Thelemic community thereby. The process of the Chokmah-Binah polarity is automatic and therefore is the Trident her favorite weapon, as depicted by her pose in her Atu.

Fire is a key element in her work. She is a regular worshipper of Fire and knows all Fires, but in particular the black Fire of the Trinity. She learns Hell too and the caress of Hells own worm. Her knowledge of fire make her adept in surpassing obstacles found in own or other system. Matter and dirt burns to ashes. And the light goes even further on this time.

Khabs am Pekht - Light in Extension.

Love is the law, love under will.

Zoel Dana Kaim/Chaim