"Kadosh we say - K. D. Ch.
Three hundred - the number is for many things. 300 for Fire, the Trident and the Sacred House of Holynesses display. Kadosh we say:
Three for the mighty 0nes that will be begone in the One - of these we say - 100 - for each and 3 Q's can be their sign - and therefore no such alienators have anything to the wonder of their play to say - Holy unto the ages and so ON. The two that are one do in their parts rafine the arts, their roles do not differ from the Ancient art - the play do!
So let them come forward to you ! Let each of them tell their part and let you tell them apart."

I get this vision : A beam of a golden dawn unfolds and settles - it starts revealing the diamond hard white light from the soft yellow. I see the face of this sunrise that is mild and gentle and feels simoustanously something hard and hurried approaching and the silence breaks:


"Open up - unfold and feel yourself apart - calm and coiled : Be ready to start:
The coil wont wait if thou turn him on - therefore let him turn you on ! Be him and let him watch you asanad and glad - The Golden face of that human shall get that lust from below - the reward shall be easy to see - pull down and when thou cant climb up to get a better grip, his face shall be a little stirred - to your pleasure. He heeds. And you want him in your control - all pleasure - totality- kingship - force majeure - thrill further, the extacy shall not bend when correct is. Therefore turn on, turn on. His face turns whiter and so do your brilliance upon the surface - it will not end here, the face thrembles - another crisis occurs, the discipline amplified do secure your success to the crown of transgression - Therein is a quiet point - calm and silent as ever before - Herein shall thou await - not for a bait, but for another trait that concurs in the late.

Hoor - Splendorous Hoor !
Commune with the target and Hoor shall await with force for the bait to complete action.

Ouvre ouvre Dolour to me thè".

It darkens and I notice some kind of ox/ taurus feeling.


"Now you know! All seen and nothing hidden, darkness expounded & nothing found - What shall we do with this mystery lost ? More folly?
I await the days of be with us, for they shall gather around us, me and Isa, they shall also be joined in the great vival - Hoor in splendour unites us in Love - He is also one in us as them - They do not see the Serpent Silence or hear. Unfolding the soft vehicles of their beauty, a new form is found. This shall also be kept secret lest their secrets be known. - Sight shall be to the seeing, he will not say so - but he will also be me in my words.
He is cool and awaits for the right word to unfold - these words do I say - in the right moment. The gathering is here also, but not as before - it is of another substance and colour. I await to show in action - the marvellous way of Asar the Hapi; the enigmatic and ouratic splendourous flood of may.


Belived again - catastrophic or not - I do leave the knot.
I sure go far - I am in the head - I am in the body & I am not there - I certainly escape light - Lights out; I dwell alone waiting for him to get on the trail.
It is me that shadows the coiling, it is me that surrenders the blasting flames of Holyness, I go forth to find that I am come back again - I am no Hermes - I am calm.
When I get caught I do speak a lot. I do get quiet when I become not. I am the limit of Asar - I am as far as he can go - I certainly do hold him within. The borderline that I find myself to be - I am the shores as he an Ocean - Hoor our secret within shall be found by them that see in darkness and listens to silence . His voice - His voice yes his voice shall be the sound of Gomorrah and Sodom.



This text was quite so surprising to me at its arrival and the content so disconnected from the rest of my experiences within the egyptian thelemic current that I also had to just put it aside and forget it - even if its spiritual quality was obviously most glorious - the reception was some of the most lucid and comfortable experiences ever. The problem was Isa or rather its precessor Isu/jesu and my extreme hate towards this figure and its cult known as christianity. Plus also that this Trinity was the one spoken about in TBoL, and I was not ready to accept that it should look like this.

From Liber L vel Legis we know that Asar is the adorant and Isa the sufferer; surprisingly this text does not make Isa the adored - the adored is Asar ! And its him that takes the role of Hoor to adore himself -and what difference does that make to the man that actually tries this practice? self love ? No, not really, but yes of course. Doesnt mean so much, in its present state. The question would matter much more to the practioner that puts these lines out in ritual.

The Heart of Jesus girt with a serpent.
This was Crowleys motto sometime in his GD period, it has been most difficult to understand to me, that he really could embrace the evil so eagerly that he also identified completely - but as I see this text and reads Isa`s
"I am the shores as he an Ocean" I do see that his heart is kept where he is not - In the centre of union of Hoor and Asar - the silent point - waiting for the the last of shadows to get back home, to get blasted by the light in full union.