And he was sad, filled with mourning. Witherens of the Pisaci .
Sole matter scarcing the earth - for in these the howling starts - and the command is in thy hand.
Oh Earth, thou that listens not, fear thine own-ness, for in him, thou art mine.

The threshold is in continuance of the fiery sulkyness.
Open the gates - seeing the wisdom of the third one - that obeyeth that which sows the light,
Thou that goeth with the force of the howling spans - be without the next, for it is not for you

The Brothers have come & they are the met sowing sons - so their fight is not over at once.
but in the next moments; the starts with overcomings
and their obediance to their selfs, is the security of their becoming.
And they are gathering more...

Fiery howlings accompany as they say mine words of... (so Lin)
They are shaken

The gathering for more is continued for long...

He who is without the next is the adorer.
The slimy one cannot take his without crawling.
So be obediant in finding shellcracking astonishment
And as they continue the selfs gathers the motion and stops it, and in this thou shall not seek, the enemy has got this to spill and consume.
So for the third no solution, he is the solution.
He is the condemned to surpass the tests of his owness.

continuing - over and over ...

The next is the past, The fieryness breaks
& those who is himself is not with .

Beyond the far.
Conscerning the outlaw; - its not for the considered.
And they are as if they was,
Climbing the ladders of the mentioned, for that is the way.
Arguing is over. The work is no work, but continues as they should have been.
The fortress of the law becomes the next,
Seeing that the weapon is not more, the fight is no fight
the openness is the seeked - whereupon the gathering is floating - as the veins of the Al Derim.
Seeking such which is not, is in vain. The gain is in the vain.
Beyond the disturbances of Holyness is more than vain, So sink with the Black hand and there is non.

Beastly Afternoon.



I was very frustrated that day, I was struggling heavy with the translation of The book of the EM; the Nine Fire spirits and had just discovered that the text was a lot conscerning the Brother mythos a la Kain- Abel and Set -Horus. I received also lots of sense just by thinking about the theme - as the sphere of mine was magickally active all day in these years. But I was still frustrated as I had so few things to be sure upon, so I decided to call Thoth to see if he would tell me about the Rehui ( the fighting twins Set and Horus) and the wish was granted to my surprise.
This was the first of my willed text and my surprisedness disturbed me several times in the text and I am unsure if I got all things right. And a few places I actually know that things went wrong. These will be commented. So I am not satisfied with this text at all as a text, but still it contains some very important things as the text embodies a structure that I observed fast and also used as the main structure in Twin Mass. That structure was the answer on my request : How is the homosexual content in the Set-Horus mythos reformulated to be used in religious service today ? Or less specific; how goes the play along the sephiroth in the eroto-comatose lucidity? I have tried the gimel path, and its no fun, sex becomes something alien, when your body of light suddenly dies away to the cold water. The Hymn of Shakespare; The Phoenix and the turtle, deals also extensive on this theme, this path which is described here.

Also I must say that I gained respect for the text by using it as a call - It was connected most deep.
The stop, the closing line is abrupt. Something happened, I dont know, but there should have been a different end, as the last words doesnt follow.
The giving of the words of Thoth was not considered, but it was suddenly given a reference instead- So Lin - which in my enochian vocabulary means - Visit the aethyr Lin. However i didnt get them there, but Seker showed up later to give the words - riddled.
It must also be said that this text wasnt of help to the work of translating the Book of the EM, but it was of great help to understand the egyptian Twins.

Ritual Action:
Noco Matin rite ( a personal rite - where Matin is a variant of the Enochian Mada = God )
Liber Israfel.
Thoth Godform assumption.