Khaibit Heh : The shadow of million of years.

16 Jan.1997ev.

Hai Khu.
Brilliant the wages seems to occur-
but thou have not spoken with me before -
wherefore you have missed the part that should have been missed -
by the lovely ones words.
Hai Khu - Khu un am pert.
Aligned with the reason I am - I am within - - where reason are - I am too.
There is then nothing to be missed as I am so.
The Liberty that you have called Always seems futile to me.
I am truly one of Liberty's men too - therefore I pretend. - -
"What" you ask, and are truly bewildered as the one of
surfeit, deceit, conquest and defeat whisperest "concrete" in to
the mire of thine hand.
There is no one to protect. The one that in trembling fear protects his reign do as he use to do-
protects his concrete's and misses the past, the future and the now.
Fool - I am a fool too, but there are means and reasons which I do not show.
The folly can be spread, and thereby I am you - as I conquer.
There is no other path- there is the belived- there is the goal- The means are one, the goal is one-
There is no difference - All is the leaving of the concrete.
I truly do not belong to the world - I therefore partake to show the way home,
this way is the same as aforesaid.
HAI khu am pekht, Pekht am KA, KA am shai, Shai am nu.
The trifle spit upon the symbol of the All - to me- in my name - unsaid -
This shall open the gates that I am supervising you in.
Here there are more traps than ever before -
there is thus One knowledge that secures you from all of these.
The waters aint still.
The brethren aint aquill and as you say the premium & maximum bonus is hanging in the sky -
I am working unseen from below.
Maat ?
"yes" I say.
"No" she says- " No " I say.
Billowing in the farfetch`d vessel of the sky - The scourges ruins no time as the weapon is unusable-
Trinity prevails, yes, but do I really disappear ? - am I not more than this ? am I not two ? And then Two again?
Trail, I say. Cloudy- you say- and I say Yes! Its cloudy. - What more; its cryptic and incomprehensive.
The Twins in hand do always as I do- bring in the theme of confusion and starts to bleak out-
Why ?- Am I not there?
Am I blacker than Ra Hoor Khuit ?
. . . . . . . .
Tons of burdens, shame and sin- A living sin in the halls of the pretty people.
I will never let these things pass undisturbed, never, never, never.
A single word, an eyewink, a finger to the point. I will always hate the belived and shall do mine to deceit its glory.
Love you say- Yes ! I do partake in my way, and I shall, as I do, Love too.
And in Love`s names shall the blood flow.
I Love, but I do not love the world. I never wanted to leave the trinity, and as Sokhar is a captive, I am an Outcast.
I will never forget.
My beloved- brother- enemy. To you I say willfully we will meet. And as we are mature, truly we know both what we want of the fight. The worst thing to happen, - that is the easy part. The All has no real dimension. But I want dissolution of more than that and -
the Gathering of the host shall surplus all and all of us.
I love Heru as much as I hate his presence.
His father? That old Quark ?
They shoot horses, dont they?
It was an act of compassion.
I have never understood this revenge of the father mythology- I am still surprised.
But its an old story, lets make a new one.
Purple sky, over the mountains, drifting clouds over the sun- Desolate desert in the front-
Harbinger of the news to come is the little old fox- lurking about - for his last feast . And there in the slope he sees the little rabbit paving to get his innocence blown away.
Yes, its the same old story, but do he really succeed - Is there really an oven to proceed? Does his brilliance score to the unseen?
The trifle gone, host beyond.
My hate of Heru is not mine.
Nectar in the valley of death . . . .
Living thunder pervades the district as the things they really are. The shrine is empty, but nothing is missed and we glad are. What has left ? I ? If so be, I say: My I never belonged to me and I shall be the missing piece - Mr. Peace himself ; to you who can understand my ways- and can supercede me.
I never let fear go- My fright has been a shadow through millions of years and this has procured dung's of weapons and escape routes.
I do not fight openly- these rules have never been made by me and I have never accepted them.
Manly ? Suck my gun and let there be some peace on earth.