The Trident

The trident is the fork which mysteriously appears in our mythology, held recently by Neptune, while today the small devils in cartoons persistently keeps vielding this fork, for its reality is kept vivid only by our collective psyche. But the cartoons doesnt represent it well, they are there just as the last resort of our cultures repressed ideas.

The trident is a real magickal weapon and its powers are complex and hard hitting.

Its power is the AUM going. The direction of the Trident commands the way of the AUM; the spiritual content of our world, our reality in its unborn state.
The main ways of keeping the Trident is up or down. This relates to the equation of 2=> 0, and 0 => 2 and which refers to the birth of duality/polarity; the birth of qualities within the world, or kept upwards; to the process of aspiration, to reconcile duality with eachother in order to take a position beyond good and evil.
It points therefore to the highest or the lowest, and make no mistake about the lowest "genius"; it escalates in poison, disease and corruption - and of course the mercy that allows it.

The Trident as seen by this, is a very lofty weapon, and the attainment of a personal Trident is for the few.
The Trident is a type of a wand; in that it is the AUM going; the dynamic expression of the content of Kether.
But it must not be confused with the Lance of the Gnostic Mass, as This Lance personifies the onepointedness of the Magus. The Trident balances its holy tip containing the unborn essence by two sides, which will be recognized in this connection as Binh and Chokhmah; but the correspondenses and virtues of the Trident are many and here follows my considerations:

Trident => the 3 gunas => mercury, salt and sulphur => The 3 weapons; Dagger, scourge and Chain.

The three gunas are in hindu myth demons to be overcome. I say; They be demons from the pov of perfection; otherwise they represent prinsciples which we are best suited by knowing fully, and thereby becoming liberated from by overcoming.

In MTP AC describes the prinsciples of the alchemical substances as The energy of things, the fluidity and the fixity.
Rajas = sulphur; active excitable and even fierce
Sattva = mercury; equable calm clear
Tamas = salt; Thick heavy sluggish dark

These reduces to the basic modes of astrology : Cardinal, fixed and mutable. And these belong to the sephira of the zodiac; Chokhmah, or maybe the passing thereof into Kether. The path of the Fool.

Conscerning the 3 weapons that I received in Geburah as true weapons of punishment and terror, we see that their functions are aimed to that perfection which can give access to the Trinity and the Supernal sephiroth by overcoming Daath, Choronzon and his kin.
The scourge is sulphur: Its application excites our sluggish nature outright,
and it may further be used as an instrument of correction, to castigate rebellious volitions. It is applied to nephesh, the animal soul, the natural desires.
R: This weapon is also complement to the wand, in that it fights disobedience. Its an accuser and must therefore be linked most high in order to accuse, punish and exterminate disobediance to will.
The Dagger is Mercury: It is used to calm to great heat,
by the letting of blood; and it is the wepon which is plunged into the side or the heart of Magician to fill the Holy Cup. Those faculties which come between the appetites and the reason are thus dealt with.
R: This weapon triggers the magickal death of the exempt adept and brings him to Daath or the Trinity; depending on the remaining circumstances.
The Chain is Salt: it serves to bind the wandering thoughts
; and for this reason is placed about the Neck of the magician, where Daath is situated.
R: Another tool making Daath possible to overcome and success attainable.

These weapons are procured in Geburah, possible earlier for some, but their links to the modes of the gunas will make them appear different as the magickian continues. Their raffinement will eventually expose the three modes of astrology clear, and there will the fixed and mutable mode embrace eachother in eternal change and everflexible staticness, and the cardinal mode will show up as the great Cardinal, as the cardinal mode have a unique ability, in that it triggers, it is a catalyst and a prime mover. It creates. Its the creator, the escaper from Pleroma.

AC have made In chp IV of Book 4, a drawing of these weapons surrounding the Phial of Holy Oil. And he find it evident that the 3 weapons highest aim is to preserve the Holy Oil of aspiration pure. And yes - victory isnt attained otherwise. Without the force of aspiration, there is no drive to attainment.
This explains the trident; The main movement of the Trident is aspiration; the race for the ultimate divinity, the union of Man and ADM or Asar.
And I warn again; the turning of the Trident downwards, initiates the corruptionprocess wherein we can find the lowest creep; the extracted "genius" of the bottomless pit. And in order to fully understand Daath, and to let the adepts head surpass the heavens and his feet below hell; some aquaintance must be done. Please do such work in secret. Find time and place for retirement.