Gematria on the larger group numbers.

The digits of the group numbers 456 and larger correspond to aspects of the EM (described below) that fit with a zodiacal attribution as follows:

1: Pisces PERIAK -Creation out of nothing

2: Aquarius PA-I-ON -Will energy given a social orientation

3: Capricorn PERIO -Tunnels given structure and permanence

4: Sagitarius PARAMAON -Creation of egg of potential as discovery process

5: Scorpio PERDOI -Dragon-serpent squeezing patterns out of egg into realm of life and death


6: Libra PARAMA -Equilibrated creation. Some similarity to IAD BALT

7: Virgo PARAZAM -Material implementation of what comes from 6. 6 and 7 have a First-Second relationship.

8: Leo PARASEG -Will without mercy. Perhaps related to demonic suns seen in a couple people's aether visions

9: Cancer PARAKETI -Balanced, lunar implementation of what comes through 7. Relates specifically to the watchtower hierarchy.



Tentative interpretations of the numbers in the calls:

456 Middle EM triad as giving shape to CLA as local form of PA-I-ON

9639 Watchtowers as relating to PD reach up to 6 then to 3 as energy coming down in the third call, completing with watchtowers as relating to CLA

69636 9 as preparing way for energy from outside the Earth as 3, with 6 as the natural state in which this occurs

7699 7 looks up to 6, making possible creation through 9

9996 Gathering through 9 until it is completed and equilibrium is possible

5678 Serpents as manifesting patterns from the oak through 6 and 7 to the choice of 8

3663 Energy comes in from outside the Earth, reaching only to 6 and then reconnecting with its source

1636 Creation from nothing becomes equilibrated creation, allowing energy from outside the Earth to become equilibrated creation

6739 6 reaches to 7 allowing shaft to reach from TEX to Earth's surface and connect to 9

8763 destructive will of 8 allows reaching through 7 and 6 to connect to DARG shaft

7336 7 reaches into DARG shaft repeatedly, becoming 6

6332 6 at Earth's surface allows reaching down to the Earth's core and a return with the energy of 2