A System of Enochian Gematria

The letters besides G are assigned to the numbers 1-7 as follows (G is treated as 0):

1) L

2) A,R,U

3) D,F,M,P,Q,X

4) E,H,S,Z

5) I,K

6) N,T

7) B,O

     There are seperate totals in each direction.  The value of each letter is added in the direction determined by subtracting the value of the letter on the left from the value of the letter on the right (using 0 for no letter) and looking in the following table.
East:  -7,-3,1,5
South: -6,-2,2,6
West:  -5,-1,3,7
North: -4,0,4     


     So, for example, IAD gives 5 in the South (2-0=2) plus another 2 in the South (3-5=-2) plus another 3 in the South (0-2=-2) for a total of 10 in the South and 0 in the other three positions.  MAD gives 3 in the South (2-0=2), 2 in the North (3-3=0) and another 3 in the South (0-2=-2) for a total of 6.      The directions give the points of a square. 
East can be interpretted as the basic principle of the word, South as the shaping factor,
West as how it is seen, and
North as how it manifests. 

A final central number is found by taking the highest of the four directional numbers, subtracting the second highest, adding the third highest, and then subtracting the lowest.  Positions with 0 are left out of the interpretation. 

Numbers 1-7 are interpretted according to the group of letters assigned and other attributions described below.  Numbers 8-49 are interpretted as 8 is the 7ish aspect of 1, 9 the 1ish aspect of 2, 10 the 2ish aspect of 3, ... 15 the 6ish aspect of 1, ... 49 the 1ish aspect of 7.  Numbers higher than 49 are interpretted by subtracting the largest possible multiple of 50 and interpretting.  So, for example, IAD is a purely shaping word relating to the 2 aspect of 3.  MAD has a 6 shaping aspect manifesting as 2, this summed up in the central 4.

     The numbers relate to the angles mentioned in the calls and
subsequent patterns.  The numbers 1-5 relate to the pairs of planetary zones seen in the heptarchic system Sun/Mercury through Pluto/transpluto.


Interpretations of the numbers 1-7 are as follows:

1)   1 signifies a primary actor, as seen in the letter L and the Sun of Sun-Mercury.  1 in terms of the angles relates to the first three calls, which define the domain in which things happen.

2)   2 relates to states of change, as seen in the letters A,R,U/V and the water attribution for Mars-asteroid belt.  The 2nd angle sits between the working space of 1 and the formative energies of 3, letting energies be introduced.

3)   3 relates to various formative or material letters, somewhat analogous to the two Heh's of IHVH combined.  Jupiter-Saturn relates to ordering processes, also necessary for formation.  The 3rd angle also fits with the first Heh of IHVH.

4)   4 fits with the idea of seperate true selves, often pictured as a huge number of stars.  This is seen in the letters E and H reflecting true will and lifeforce and in the letters Z and S which emphasize seperation. The 4th angles fits with this, as does the role of Uranus-Neptune in giving form to varied energies.  H and Blisdon's role as giver of life obviously fit together.


5)   5 fits with the idea of the unity of true self, reflected in IALPIRGAH the flames of first glory and its first letter I.  The purifying aspect of Pluto-transpluto fits with this notion of unity, and the flames in each case may be related.

6)   6 fits with a return to the space of working from the perspective obtained through the earlier numbers.  This is reflected in the relationship between N as interiority and N as selfhood, the inner manifesting in the outer, and likewise T as balance and T as judgement. The NI fit with this in the context of the calls.

7)   7 fits with a transcendence of this distinction between higher and lower, seen in the polymorphous letters B and O.  In terms of the calls, it may be related to all the calls 8+.  Note that OX, OP, O, OB, and OL all start with O.     

To return to our examples, 10 meaning the 2 aspect of 3 can be taken as formative energies beginning to move into the realm of change, so IAD can be taken as this at a shaping level.  MAD with 6 shaping and 2 manifesting reflects a sense of selfhood maifesting into the level of change giving a personal will.  This fits with the sense of IAD as impersonal and MAD as personal God.     

I propose the following notation: East, South, West, North : Center. So, IAD's gematria would be written 0,10,0,0:10 and MAD's 0,6,0,2:4.