Interpretation of the larger group numbers.

The digits of the group numbers 456 and larger correspond to aspects of the EM (described below) that fit with a zodiacal attribution as follows:

1: Pisces PERIAK -Creation out of nothing

2: Aquarius PA-I-ON -Will energy given a social orientation

3: Capricorn PERIO -Tunnels given structure and permanence

4: Sagitarius PARAMAON -Creation of egg of potential as discovery process

5: Scorpio PERDOI -Dragon-serpent squeezing patterns out of egg into realm of life and death


6: Libra PARAMA -Equilibrated creation. Some similarity to IAD BALT

7: Virgo PARAZAM -Material implementation of what comes from 6. 6 and 7 have a First-Second relationship.

8: Leo PARASEG -Will without mercy. Perhaps related to demonic suns seen in a couple people's aether visions

9: Cancer PARAKETI -Balanced, lunar implementation of what comes through 7. Relates specifically to the watchtower hierarchy.

Read more on the aspects of the EM on the emnames page  


Tentative interpretations of the numbers in the calls:

456 Middle EM triad as giving shape to CLA as local form of PA-I-ON

9639 Watchtowers as relating to PD reach up to 6 then to 3 as energy coming down in the third call, completing with watchtowers as relating to CLA

69636 9 as preparing way for energy from outside the Earth as 3, with 6 as the natural state in which this occurs

7699 7 looks up to 6, making possible creation through 9

9996 Gathering through 9 until it is completed and equilibrium is possible

5678 Serpents as manifesting patterns from the oak through 6 and 7 to the choice of 8

3663 Energy comes in from outside the Earth, reaching only to 6 and then reconnecting with its source

1636 Creation from nothing becomes equilibrated creation, allowing energy from outside the Earth to become equilibrated creation

6739 6 reaches to 7 allowing shaft to reach from TEX to Earth's surface and connect to 9

8763 destructive will of 8 allows reaching through 7 and 6 to connect to DARG shaft

7336 7 reaches into DARG shaft repeatedly, becoming 6

6332 6 at Earth's surface allows reaching down to the Earth's core and a return with the energy of 2

- Dean