The call of EMOD:

EMOD ka-nasi pejim.

Dok tal, ial mal, gor pal, omp rat.
EMOD lusad si onorim, ke lati finoti asapal co-ars nat vaunn de pajan sati. Eriama fojin olia nothun sapil te onu sak orati. Fan-astra panulipa AF kil te mana erioun. So etharzi pele-mathi, te onus pal kire matharz, vanu de EMOD ton od ERAN qua de likavi nores pa-lati de ACAM dol. Oija meparanta des imen kai LOgun tarzi foijin mapi ath nogun rors do i nati kati. Fer pal to gavana or mal tones ia. Bethol naf otun te O mika rati nof, pajim de rogun sat. Tel de pejim loin vati noi sapi, sez sak sorim. Bel iti.

The 8763 are as walking sicles.

The fulfilling of excess, the arrows consumption, lusts formulation, the slaves understanding.
8763 feet stops the sons, and are finding beauty before the covered and friendly Child of thruth that needs rest. Love whirls and makes so the midst of the Star to the making of my own celebration. The pomegranates are given, the honey of being the One, the 19 bolts are all for the offer of Love. Visit in friendlyness thou eternal field of black fire, for the making of the formulation of eternitys vitality, calling up all 8763 and 3662 for garmenting the hopeless sons and the 7699 are all found here too. Together in the Kingdom; which is the void and the released inner One; arising and whirling in this work of the sentence that goes on in the dome of the sun which is in the child of the good one. This main formulation rises lustily the true arrow of the All. The redemption of the voids translucence for becoming the great Fives slaves translucense; their robes - required by the sicles. The sicles course is controlled by the measurer that becomes the Star, and my flight is like an axe. Just is it.