The Em spirits can be very powerful - but here is a rite that brings out a very neat and nice result - its like a banishing/purification/blessing rite in the Fire modus. This is therefore a very fine opening if one wants to know these Angels better and can also be used as daily rite.
The logic which this set-up is made in is based upon the analysis of the three triads and how they they fits into categories as Central, right or left. And these categories are refering to the pillars of the three of life; middle, severe and mild or their actual forces that are the three different kinds of light : Aur, Aub and Aud respectively. When Knowing this; the rite can be altered to symbolize different things and then the reversal (doing the rite from bottom and upwards) is probably most interesting. It will then allude the EM arising, while this rite is written as an ordinary invocation; the EM entering.

This consists in combining the seal of the Hierophant - three large crosses linked in a vertical fashion over ones body - with the names of the EM.
The upper trinity is placed in the cross for the head : Periak - vertical drawn down on the face Pa-i-on - horizontal bar drawn from your own right side to the left. Perio - horizontal bar drawn back to your right side.
The middle trinity for the cheast - heart. Paramaon - vertical bar downwards Perdoi - as Pa-i-on. Parama - as Perio.
The last trinity for the genital section. Note the difference. Paraketi - the horizontal bar drawn from your right side to the left. Parasej - the horizontal bar drawn from your left side to the right. Parazam - the vertical bar drawn upwards.