Local starssystems of influence

This collection of stars were put forward to Dean by the enochian entities as those that exerts most influence on our own solar system.
This were done in connection with the 16 initiatory paths table of Dean. Water of Fire part.
These stars or starsystems are seven and these are also representing the seven rays as presented by the theosophists, and then also the other spiritnames given in that section of the table..
We have ignored that function so far in this treatise, but it might get implemented later.
In this collection of seven is also our own sun implemented as representant of the 3rd ray.
The sigils in this treatise were not used in this work as Dean had not received them yet.
This writing presents my and Cathrines impression of these stars.

Uv Ceti in Cetus- The constellation called the Whale. (also called Luyten 726-8)

This current is strong, lucid and beneficient. Young, vigorous and gentle. It mingles easily into the currents that are common on earth as it is quite similar to the Sun.
The light of this star must be yellowish, but within this current all colours are favoured. Particularly strong and vivid colours. Visual aesthetics are highly emphasized here
Its activity is steady and controlled and it tends to take care over all parts over itself, and as result the feedback creates an outburst of activity in joy.
It doesnt seem to invigour any religion known to me, apart from maybe the egyptian God Aton Ra whose aestetics are in line with this. (During his reign egyptian Art became reformed and the play between Light and shadow was emphasized.)
This Star seems to rather favour life and culture, tribalism and marine culture. Its rhytm as a flarestar is beneficial for all seasonal workers who at work usual have a comfortable and relaxable speed, but sometimes demands extra effort. (Like firemen or pirates) All masculine cultures can be nourished by this current. Particularly if they wear make-up. The tribal coda that is unique and nearly extinguished in our culture have got a particular solution on the balance between the collective and individualism. Here the group is chief, but all are individuals have their rights, it got a natural democratic feel. This influence tends to ignore or fiercely oppose external chiefs.
The watery quality is also very pervasive in this light. Salt water. Fluid and consuming fiery light. Its burning like scorpio, but it seems like it were the sign of life. A culture in Cetus would likely have a very different view of the elements.
Mostly influental on the southern hemisphere. Also in underground groups in our western culture.

This current seems to be similar to those I have perceived from the Constellation of Cetus, so I dont know right now if this current is particular for UV Ceti or if this star also focuses and transmits energy from the whole constellation.

Sirius A & B in Major Canis - The great Dog.
A is the brightest star on heaven, while B is the white dwarf.

Sirius A must be the external Star that influences life on earth mostly. Its red fire is burning like whisky and is equally invigourating and motivating.
This Star is delivering its forces to all Fire mysteries and Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are clearly transmitting contents from this giant producer of force.
Here is the archetype of Power found, and of course the will to power. The Lion is the naturally symbol of this Royal winner. Beauty and Grace together with Dominion and Oppression. Strength. And the hierarchy is set up and secured. From this place we may naturally think "Might is right". Among stars it just means that physical law rules. In a collision among stars the smallest will take the severest damage. And Sirius A and B are superior in force and gravity in our local part of the galaxy. Among humans this rule becomes very confused as we may stray from our natural orbit and path, and also have to coordinate so many different levels and needs. So even to humans the "Might is right" might seem unreliable, as in our case even superior force applied by lack of intelligence shows up in effect as weakness and not sufficient. Which again could make someone think that intelligence is strength.

Sirius A is the force of action, while Sirius B is the centre of gravity. Their relation is respectively like body and head. B is assuring, determining and have an abnormal attraction (gravity). From this white dwarf derives the illusion of something fixed and secure in Life. It is compact, tight, dark and not releasing anything. Instead it pulls all things towards itself and its content. The celestial bodies that may come to close towards its gravity forces may will not get any options, while on earth the same situation is reflected in the triumph card that sounds like : Join us or fall prey to us.
Its compactness inspires to a extreme kind of stubborness. It is the prime source of general restriction in our part of the galaxy. To the development of human consciousness it must have played a large role. It is the one that secures the strength of form of the ego. Without it egos would have been more translucent.

But this couple favours the forces of daily life and seems eventually hollow and have little of content, though Sirius B is not easy to overcome. Their failure of delivering even a faint trace of the eternal life must have prevented the ancients from giving them any other name than Major Canis. These forces may be very beneficient to life and its struggles, but obsessed by them - it will turn life into a continual dogfight to create superfluous material goods, and structures of oppression.
In antique Greece, a group of philosophers were given name after dogs - cynos, and they ended up in history of philosophy as the cynics. Today cynical denotes not a neuter attitude, but something that may seem neuter, a cold and unempathic attitude that easily offends those that tries taking care of all parts and levels.
There are plenty of white dwarfs in the galaxy but not in our neighboorhood, in fact the second closest is Procyon B in Minor Canis - the lesser dog. We dont think this is coincident, but thinks that white dwarfs may share that cold attitude. After all - White dwarfs are stellar remnants, the imploded mass of a star that experienced supernova. They are burnt out and are the dead among Stars. And there is eventually death to the dogs.
All couples with flaming females and silent determining males have something from these. Chess.
The history of Kings and Queens is very simple. They are the offspring of the once best bully.

Influental on whole earth. They are the imperial couple and as such do their orbit influence the run of the great empires, revolutions and war. They are serious.
During their mutual orbit of approx 50 years they have two peaks of activity. When A & B gets to their closest point B pulls light and matter from A, and when they conjuncts (as seen from earth).
It has proven difficult to get the detailed facts about their orbits, but I have got it approximately on the latest years.
1989 -1993 respectively closest point and conjunction.
The fall of the Berlin wall and the communism in eastern europe.


1889- 1893
I am unsure of this, but wasnt it peak years for european colonialism and english imperialism. ? Years of grand theft.

1839 - 1843
Booming of the industrial revolution.

1789 -1793
French revolution and the coming of Napoleon.

As I have understood of their orbit, certain parts of it favours the forces of A while others favours B. The conjunction which I think is in the years of ...3 is a great turning of forces. Also I think I have read some place that the Dogons counted their cycle by two full orbits.

Significant for religions that seeks Power, but in the peaks of these stars activity, all life on earth are affected by this burst of power. Isis and Osiris are obvious- Isis as Sirius A and Osiris as B. It must be said that these two Gods draws from other sources too (Orion) and that they are not here to just channel those forces.
The sphinx does also draw forces from these, but also more. The sphinx is not as crude as the couple depicted here.

Ross 248 in Andromeda.

A humble and dim star. The attitude here is calm and prudent. In the preceding moments is often the proceeding determined. The alertness fits nice in to create the overview to create the plan. In this current there is plenty of motivation, ambition and joy of labour. There is no pride here, as it is saved for the great moment of success. It favours collective and social groups.
The aesthetic is baroque in its complexity and heavyness, but Kathe Kollwitz could also have found much inspiration here. It is clearly connected to earth, capricorn and piesces. It seems to be the luck star of the legendary men which started with those two empty hands.
This Star I dont think channel much energies from Andromeda, but seems to herald it.

Influental on Europe at least. I cant see how it affects religion now, but i see its personality matches Anubis

Wolf 359 in Leo. Ludwigs Star.

This star is at first a white, content, hard and armoured, that shows a rapid and silent intelligence which is ruled by a pragmatic mind. It seems so neuter, martial and individual that its change comes as a surprise. Its a flare Star and in the eruptions it turns into an orgiastic aestethic manouvre which is very related to music. Its the extacy of music, the intensity and thrill of the composition that blinds and blends much like an orgasm. It resonates totally with opera. Beethoven must also have got much from this star, his lone individualism together with his extreme and expressionate music that proves so well that no-one else could have given him anything better.
This star is actually so small that it isnt even seen, but its flares and hot core and heart makes it become a most noteworthy representant of the galaxy.

Influental in the places you find opera. Should be renamed as this Star havent got anything with forest straywalkers. Ludwigs Star is suitable.
In religions this star is not found much except in the cults where the comparison between orgasm and full attainment is made. Rosycrusianism.

Alpha Centauri and beta is a binary starsystem which have got a 80 year mutual orbit. The 3rd and far dimmer and smaller star Proxima is closer to the earth but cannot be seen. It is not known whether Proximas orbit is related to the two larger. Anyway Proxima didnt show up in our results, so we guess that the enochian spirit didnt think it was of immediate interest.
Alpha Centauri; the yellow one, is the largest and have often been called the Suns twinstar and also Rigel Kentauri.
B is an orange star and Proxima is a red dwarf of the size of jupiter.

At first we meet with much vague and fragmented material, we understood that this must be Beta Centauri; the orange Star.The current of B is mystic indeed. Its calm, indifferent, veiled and doesnt even seem to accentuate perception. But its not dull.
Its chaotic and without any clue, also the need for any clue. It seems very much like Neptune but is somehow more material and concrete. The enchantment seems even greater here. The thrill and magic makes it fit for inspiration. The pagan and heathen orientation is obvious here. Nature, solitude and the intimate relation to nature. But thing do go slow here, and when the relaxation is made the yellow white light of A shines through.
A is much like the sun, but even steadier. Its calmer though, but have got a clear precence and as such an ego. It does not feel as bright and intense as our Sun. What is seen first is the close relation to B which fits him neatly and is source of inspiration and love. It becomes clear that the naming of Centaur is very suitable. It is headstrong, have a clear will. It also responds to my hunting genetics. Centaurs and arrows are a classical combination.

I have not succeded in finding any facts about their orbit. Which means their conjunction and closest and fartest points. But I think that would be very interesting as I believe these have also some 10 year period or other where their activity peaks.

I was also told that these two Stars could be called by the name "Stars of Cernunnos and Cerridwen", that are the two celtic Gods now very important in wicca.
They seem to have been of little influence in the last century, but they obviously meant much to some former cultures. Greek, celtic sounds natural, but most folklore have that adventurous and enchanted sphere that is typical for this couple. They dont seem to have meant anything to the egyptians.
They also are very influental through Uranus that reflects A and Neptune that reflects B. In fact they match very much.

Lalande 21185 in Ursa Major
- The little Buddha.

This is a dim gentle and light Star. It immediately wakes the heart; its balance and generous openness. I feel its deeply linked to buddism and Asia in general. Its center is nonsubstantial and there is no armour or defense here. Charity is obvious here.
Gold and green radiates throughout the darkness. It have a clear sense of individuality, but it doesnt forget its own nonsubstantiality either, so we can say that this Stars personality is in line with consciousness itself, that is nothing eventually. Its fit for inspiring to religion and mysteries as the openness is mixed with a wonder and curiosity. But it knows that itself havent got all the answers. It is rather a host for the seekers that grants them a starting point that wont deceive them later on.

It has been practice in Taoism to link chakhraes up to the stars of Ursa Major. As this star is recently been discovered, it was surely not in that practice, but I dont think it was missed either.
Influental also for Bon po - the original tibetan religion and also Russia in general.

The Sun - our own.

Though it was very obvious that our own Sun influences us, we called it by MDLI to see what it showed up as, in a more galactical context. It was as it used to be. The prime center of joy, light and pleasure. Our Sun is actually a very good Star among Stars. It shines very steady and even. Its light is gold and it has the remembrance of the divine origin in its blinding rays. In the ambience of this Star, thruth has got a fair chance. Its light makes all appearances stand out clear and without shadows of doubt. Its heart and warmth is flawless. It favours all equally and creates a good atmosphere for any collective. And its very young and childlike. It is the obvious choice among the stars in this treatise for any sivilisation.

Some conclusions after finishing this work.
It seems that the type of star does affect the personality of the star much. Flare stars can be recognized by their eruption and thereby cyclic activity. Red dwarfs are dim and usually humble.

These stars were told to be the most influental in our part of the galaxy, and I have so far only done one exp that could have challenged the thesis. Barnards Star is the closest after the Alpha centauri system and is a red dwarf star. It were dim, saturnian and slightly bossy, but without great charisma and other interesting features.
Well maybe it is very influental? The luck star of your average grey and dull boss at work ? No I dont think even those small bosses are very influental.