The Table of OB

T O K H A S     G A G R O M
M I L M R O     L O I J O N
A T H I Z K     K O S I A S
K O L O I O     S E J O G L
B R A N S G     L A M A N S
K L I O M A     S E L X I R
D A R U L G     O P O N D O
B D A M I X     H O B E D R
B O J M O K     F A L N P R
A G O L D O     A N D O R T
S I J O T O     H E F A J I
A L T R I M     G D I R T A
P E J O J I     N S I Q E L
J A I J S N     A L M I R N

The names of the OB are listed straightforward upon these two columns and there should be no need for repeating these as they cannot get more readable.

Functions and structure of the OB.
  The top six and next six have directional attributions in the order North, South, Up down the left column and East, West, Down down the right column. The first six cover the globe as divided by the latitude and longitude lines through the place of working and the circle halfway between the place of working and the point opposite. The next six either cover the same spaces, which frees one to move into the space outside the world, or form a small sphere which can be placed anywhere within the world. The next eight and following eight names give the corners of cubes. In the first case, the first cube is found outside near the Earth and the second can be sent anywhere. In the second case, the first cube is located inside the second sphere and the second anywhere on Earth. In either case, one can project from the first to the second cube. The first case is the one relevant to the 12th Call. An example of the second case can be found on the PD and cubes page.



The 8 vials

The names of the P - the 8 vials of wrath are also found here, listed on the central columns with yellowish colour.