The Call of OS:


Mor ton ia de oma Li.
Corabi sek si do atva hinetrop; avando rop sik de inièmak do e math. Oije kolia naki lem vat sokhil nos de abramg telio des ivah. Heba roi nothil tol canicarsil, foj nothil ds oberato koinupat zoi. Zime sat endori koti lame doi of ; nati herzin KAL mar otinu das keres zom; aviny de abibato. Honia gati'e nofim coi roto de GA. ELio noi dare, ot moz, zan derium, e-im pa dire sokh LI t i.

The Glowing Twelve.

All-Time is the truth to the understanding of the One.
Lamenting my end in fragmented shells; Desert at midnight; the mystery of attaining the ever continous. Created together with the path of Life ; hearing the reigning Measurers word of preparing to accept the course in assimilation. The next sunrise is in between , all is then perilous, whirling inbetween that which fetters and solves into perplexion. To enter provides the obsolete cover; the mighty serpent's path; that "child" of the dispersed waters; the 456's torments in redemption, that which speaks about the wisdom of millstones in use. The void between the voice rather than rebelling against the 31. The eternal One becomes itself, the power of excessive joy, the united finger, whenever the Twelve are removed the reigner is the One as it is.


All-time: also another word for eternity (eternity hints mostly to space but actually includes time too),  but I have always thought that this refers to no place but a state of mind - whatever it is.  That the aethers will solve the knot of time is possible and likely.
The process that the OScall describes is the attaining of the evercontinous. The word used is e math / e-math.
The reigning measurer is an expression that reminds/refers to the masonic "grand architect" and demiurg - chokhmah related.  The word (to prepare for flight in assimilation) is not given here
The eternal one is likely to be the One flame in a particular aspect.
I dont think its wise to regard this One as the Monotheistic One and only God. He is probably represented and can be found in the Enochian system somewhere, but the multitude of aspects on those represented by numbers are what seems to me to be typical Enochian. To use the knowledge about numbers seems to be the proper method if one wants to get more intelectual knowledge about the One and the others.
This call seems to describe a rite - I expect those that care to get properly involved in this project may get more info about this or maybe suddenly experience it happen.