PD, MAPM, Throne, and Cup

The arrangement of the crosses given in the PD and Cubes section fits with the patterns of the angels about the Throne of God as seen in Ezekiel 1 and Revelation 4. (Aaron Leitch first pointed out the connection between the Enochian system and these passages, though his interpretation differs). The PD's employment of the angels seems to follow these patterns. The first thing Ezekiel saw was four living creatures in the North. These correspond to the four crosses of one quarter. They had four faces each corresponding to the elements, which correspond to the serviant angels working below each cross, and wheels below them corresponding to the spirits of the serviant squares. They also each had four wings, corresponding to the kerubic angels. Two of each set covered the creatures bodies and two stretched out to connect to the other creatures. Correspondingly, the kerubic angels are found in a circle about their crosses. The first angel of each group is outside the square defined by the subquarter's crosses and the third is inside, corresponding to the wings covering the bodies. Note that this means the R of INRI fits with the influence from the PD cube. The second and fourth are found along the arms of the 5-letter name, the fourth on the side leading to the next cross in order. Later in the vision, Ezekiel sees that when the creatures stop moving, they lower their wings, and then he has a vision of the Throne. This suggests that it is necessary for the lesser angle angels to quiet before the next phase can begin. From Revelation 4, we learn that the throne is surrounded by four elemental living creatures with six wings, these corresponding to the seniors. The Enochian template for this is to consider the crosses as defining four cubes. The banner names run along the edges of the inside square and the king names project into the cubes from these.The seniors are paired with the sides of the cubes as follows:
In the ORO tablet, HABIORO is paired with the upper left cross, the next two with the lower crosses in either order, AHAOZPI with the upper right cross, and the next two with top and bottom in either order.
In the OIP tablet, any arrangement is allowed such that two members from each group of three are opposite each other.
In the MPH tablet, any arrangement is allowed such that adjacent seniors go with adjacent faces.
In the MOR tablet, any arrangement is allowed which fits the seniors as axes together with the sides of the cube in the obvious way.

The seniors seem to move about amongst the possible arrangements rather than settling on one. Having constructed this, it is possible for the magician to use the sigil from Benjamin Rowe's Sample Lotus Visions, which he used to connect his temple to God's temple, to call forth scaled-down versions of the Throne and living creatures. In my experience, I had to leave it alone for a few days while the work was done. The creatures go inside the cubes defined by the crosses and interact with the PD cubes, while the throne goes in the center. It is important to note that the watchtowers are not elemental but the creatures are, so it makes a big difference what elemental attribution one uses. I used the attribution ORO-fire-East, OIP-air-South, MPH-water-West, MOR-earth-North. The creatures appear to me as a red, squat man; a white cloud; a green, winged serpent with a sword; and a tall block of black stone. It is also possible to bring the Tablet of God into this, at least in conjunction with the attributions just given. The four main sections touch the creatures at their outer corners and the side sections run between the creatures. The throne can then be brought through into the central square.

Esoterica posted to the enochian-l list a vision, inspired by Runar's translation of a verse from Liber Quinti, of a cup patterned by the seniors, with four beasts twisted together to give the stem and a throne composed of the watchtower hierarchy. This inspired me to construct a model with the banner-names as the zodiac at the top, ORO=Aries, IBAH=Taurus, AOZPI=Gemini, MPH=Cancer, ... HCTGA=Pisces, the seniors giving the body of the cup, and the king names stretching from the top and twisting together to give the stem, the lesser angles standing for the throne. This is similar to Ben's Circle City working. This cup structure fits very well with the groups of MAPM that focus into the center of the cross. The throne involved here is not the same as the Throne of God, nor are the beasts and living creatures the same, but they can be brought together in model form. The king names and four center row MAPM names then join the beasts and living creatures. This structure combines the ability of the cup and throne in Esoterica's vision to receive from outside with the God-human orientation of the Throne of God. The sample lotus sigil can again be used to make connections.


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