PD and cubes.

The PD names may be used to form four cubes, one in each direction. First, a pairing of the squares with the subquarters must be selected, as outlines above. The names from squares 1-4 are used to make the corners of each cube and those from the group of three other squares associated with the tablet in each direction to make the faces of the cube in that direction. The first names from each of squares 1-4 forms a bottom corner, the second a top corner. Those from squares 1 and 4 are towards the center of the group of cubes with the directions of the names from the squares fitting with the squares' placement in the PD tablet. For example, if the cube is in the North, then the direction run 1-SE, 2-NE, 3-NW, 4-SW if the PD tablet is being viewed as facing up and the reverse if it is being viewed as facing down. The names from squares 5, 8, 11, and 14 face toward the center of the group of cubes and toward the cube made from the previous group of squares, those from 6, 9, 12, and 15 face down and up, and those from 7, 10, 11, and 16 face toward the cube made from the next group of squares and away from the center. So, for example, if squares 5-7 go in the North and the PD tablet is taken as facing up, the directions are GLAADALIN South, GLILNAAAD East, HINGIDKKL Down, HIKKLNGDI Up, BSTHPBKBG West, BSBKGTHBP North. The cubes are found inside four squares whose sides are given by the god-names and angels of the subquarters, together with either the corresponding outer PD names or the corresponding outer-inner-outer names. The 5-letter names connect to give the shape seen in the third sigil below(2). HGBDIPHPD and the MAPM go in the center region with the M. The four Kerubic angels in each direction are in a circle with the first outside the square and the third inside, and they run clockwise if the PD tablet faces up, counterclockwise if it faces down. Note that this puts the first I of INRI outside the square collecting the old, the N on the boundary going in, the R in together with the cube, and the final I coming out and in the direction of the next PD square. I've used the first example pairing of the PD and Great Table above, together with the GD directions, and below is a diagram of how the 5-letter names together with the corresponding PD squares fit together in this case:

W   E

A     S
R      O
7   B      N   5
I      D
Z      N


A     A          A     A
T      A          R      L
 9 ,2,      A     B           D      O      4, 15
P     C    M    Z      A
A   O             A      I


O      S
B      I
A      O
V      D
A      A
1 1,     1 3

(the M in the middle is the Mshape from sigil 3 -see below)

These cubes are made with the outer names and connect with cubes made of the inner names which are located at the center of the Earth where the worldspirit resides and create a connection with Her. The process of making these paired cubes is described below (2). I have done this, and it should be possible to draw on the pattern I've made if one does not wish to do it oneself. It should be noted that the call and sigils below were originally described as relating to the HGA operation described by Aiwass to Aleister Crowley when he worked the 8th Aether. Use of these in an initiatory context would seem to involve placing oneself in the service of the worldsoul, as hinted at by Aiwass during the aether working, for example in the bit about "eat[ing] of the pomegranate in Hell".


(1)Arrangements of the Great Tablet.
To properly form the Great Tablet, the four tablets must be rotated so that corresponding subquarters are in center of the Great Tablet. The Black Cross names must also be rotated, depending on which subquarters are in the center. The standard arrangement of the Black Cross is appropriate for the lower right of each tablet being in the center, and each counterclockwise rotation advances their names one step. This gives the following names to be used in forming the Kerubic god-names and cacodemon names:
Subtablets in the center of the Great Table:

Any placement of the tablets with respect to the Black Cross is allowed provided that the ORO and MOR tablets are adjacent, the arrangement of the original and reformed tablets being only two possibilities. There are eight such arrangements, since the ORO tablet can be in any of the four positions, MOR in either adjacent position, and OIP and MPH in either of two placements in the remaining positions, divided by two because there is symmetry for a 180 degree rotation.
  LowerRight LowerLeft UpperLeft UpperRight
Top half of UL
and LR tables
Lower half of UL
and LR tables
Top half of UR
and LL tables
Lower half of UR
and LL tables

(2) Constructing the pairs of cubes
The following sigils (obtained by Mona Store) and call are used in this operation:


Honi saki me ronto lima bejanta fifis nestan-ki lop beratz mejin satio,hors na gule mag parezumi esiakahe lovian mes toreatza. Taaban cors mithal nejinana niiso mes verim, po dogonoso, sejin marpele poreonto das fi neki hoija. Od vetia maz don vap betiono cors hihe mapsame zodinu dal torinu.

The void of mine is around the sunsetting way, feebleness is carried out and the walk granted because Baratz provides the looking around. Celebrate that happening as the firesea of the brothers is the old mistake that becomes sustained. Thou Guardian who does this union with the willing stone, come along and let the old form be shown, to the division of the howling song. To the earthly burdens pour the black fire which whirls around the life of terror. And when creating the pact with the ruler, pray, talk, such songs that will "tell them" (angel name -mapsame) that the waters for the fighters will sustain.

The 4th call and this call all used first. Then one calls the OB in conjunction with the first sigil. The first sphere is called above the ground in the space in which one is working, the second sphere covering the Earth, the first cube inside the first sphere, and the second cube in the place where one is constructing the first PD cube. Then one calls the GA in conjunction with the second sigil. The first fourteen names are called covering the Earth, then the next six giving faces to the cube inside the sphere, then the next ten inside that sphere surrounding the cube.Then the outer PD names from squares 1-4 and 5-7 are called to go with the second cube, rotated 45 degrees clockwise from the directions above if the PD tablet is facing up, counterclockwise if down. Then the inner PD names from the same squares are called to give corners and faces to the cube in the sphere. The inners names from squares 1-4 have top and bottom reversed relative to the corresponding outer names and run in the opposite order in terms of directions. The inner names from squares 5-16 take the opposite directions to the corresponding outer names. Then one uses the GA name OIAD to send the first sphere and it's contents down to the center of the Earth where the GA names involved find their natural positions, carrying the PD cube with them. In the process, the surface cube rotates to its normal position. Then one repeats this for the other three directions. It is not necessary to repeat the calls or call the spirits covering the Earth a second time. Finally, one uses the third sigil in conjunction with calling the watchtower names as described above.



The Original Operation.
In the summer of 1991, I and Mona Store was having a week working together with egyptian and enochian. This was before I had received the I ged material but after the Book of the Em. We did get very good response and Mona met one of the Heptarchic angels just by using one of the 18 calls. We scryed a lot and changed to scry for eachother while the other was asking questions to the angels that the scryer didnt hear. So In one of these sessions, the sigils came together with the message that these were to be used in the "Crypt-operation". The 3 sigils were to be used together with:
1) The OBim - (OB 28).
2) The NarGA - (GA 31)
3) The call "Lava na Verim".
In march 92 I tried this, since I felt I had to get sure upon my HGA contact. I didnt use the calls of OB and GA as I hadnt received them yet, so I simply vibrated the name with the sigil and read the call, twice or maybe thrice before the result violently appeared. It was subtle as a carcrash.

It felt like the very root of my consciousness was twisted out of my body, even the most hidden and secret parts that never gets adressed by anyone or anything, and all was reconstructing above the altar in a shining golden torus shape, and I recalled I hadnt seen this shape since I was 3-4 yrs and had strong fever dreams. It was no place for analysis or speech whatsoever. So I dont think this operation does enhance the benefic help of the HGA`s, it simply shows consciousness in some primal state. The after effects lasted probably for several years, but who can tell what after effects derived from what actions in those days as the actions were multible. But it took two months before I could go out in the evenings as I was unable to produce heat by myself and it took a 3 months before my ego reformatted in a useable shape, and in this period I received most of the I ged material. I dont know what differences the use of PD cubes would do to this, but its likely to go smoother with more benefic and proper called spirits.