The PD and the Odus of Ifa:

The sixteen basic odus of the Ifa divination system are, by
tradition, considered to reflect sixteen elders or kingdoms containing
wisdom. It is possible to have the orisha Orunmilla take one to visit
these kingdoms. While there is no intrinsic connection between the odus
and the PD, there is enough of a consonance between both their natures and
their logical structures to make it possible to use them together
effectively. This is useful in giving a human orientation to the more
generic PD energy, for example in initiatory workings involving the
subquarter angels. I have used the following scheme in conjunction with
the first example arrangement given in the main write-up (the odus are
represented by four lines each with one or two dashes):

1 dash 2 dashes
Top line: ORO or MOR OIP or MPH Second line: ORO or OIP MPH or MOR
Third line: left subquarter right subquarter Bottom line: top subquarter bottom subquarter

There is a traditional assignment of the odus to the directions which does
not relate to their binary structure in any way I can determine that might
provide an alternative approach.