The Call of TAXS:

TAXAS sati noberes.

Ialtari besiath tol nogoth fel aberati, tonos mathi. Ven vati vohim gohia: "TAL PERES". Etasia nati ven io kati no MAD, del athi nomi foijin te oria gunas aperi fo-i-NI. Hobaio quadion OS i naki lčojo, fati men tok, ath NI-va HO me O. Dors naki EL-mi-dor fati entirio de hon ath geth mi sak si. Nos de onia: AB.
Torun, nasi do Enai path, ve aLIe do basi corun. DA mi fajin de ores ma-thil. Zimi banutas de ogun ia.

7336 needs to be put to sleep.

To get all chickens silenced; abuse the fetters and all will here be continous.
The neither made the great saying " EXCEED FIRE". The present Child; the eternal neither, is the good one that becomes the WORD. The work of the fighters are the ending of their cycles for the celebration of the merchandice with the fire that "turns and are the NI". The lantern of the 12's kingdom is also the own life of the wheel of life, that adjusts the void around the mountain, the work that looks like the NI's; zero around the Five. The dark life of the one black power adjusts and pursues this voids work; the principal end of my power. The word for this making: STAND.
Sustained, to walk in the Lords figure as the One is like counting in the Chalice. The power turns - to the black falling seats. Enter thou guardian of the true merchandice.