Thelemite Ecclesia Gnostica Apostolica.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

It is a pleasure to announce that within this lineage of the apostolic succession we take the transition from Christianity to Thelema completely. The name of the Church changes as consequence of this, as to be distinguished from other gnostic churches which want to continue without the gnosis of Thelema.

As egyptian research have been in great progress the last decades, the sources of the alexandrian gnostics have become more exposed and it is within the aim of this Church to further the study of these as also to incorporate the gnosis of this ancient culture which were the foundation for Jesus, and the early church fathers.

But at this time, as always, it is our mission to perform the rituals with beauty and first scheduled is the Gnostic Mass of A.Crowley as we have recently been able to get together a great Mass team.

We have adopted the Sacrament list of the Gnostic Church of L.V.X., and we will in time proceed to translate these to the language in use locally; Norwegian. So we will also create a Norwegian site.

The Sacraments

Twin Mass

Twin Mass is a recently written work which deals with the difference and the dynamics of the black and the white pillar of the Tree of Life and thereby also the Black and white school of Magick.

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Considering the work of Aleister Crowley , Thelema and the appearing impossibility to adapt Christian Sacraments; these notes and statements have been written and more is to come, though not scheduled.

For history of the background of TEGA we recommend the site of EGA;, which also include much wisdom from the ancient gnostics.

Love is the Law, Love under Will

Bishop Tau To Logos

a.k.a. Runar Karlsen.