About the I Ged Calls.
by Runar.

In General:

Of course these calls are not perfectly translated, they are hardly finished. But what worries more is that there are words wrongly understood, and passages totally unintelligible. The Calls simply appear as messages on a partially scrambled line. But it was not so. The Angelic was clear as the sun on a uncloudy day, while the problems appeared under translation, little if any help was given and the glossary was buildt up by diverse enochian spirits. The realiability of these are of course not obvious. Still, many of these calls are so finished and informative that one sees clearly that there is lots that has gotten through. And now (summer 2001) this little overview shows clearly that here is a structure and continuity in these calls despite that the dictation was done over the year 1992. The main motives here is the sacrificial one, that coincides with an ascending attitude (towards the spiritual ), but the opposite is also given some times, and there is some that gets close to be what I wished for, Straight calls that portrays the groups one are calling, and thus are explaining more than they are creating new mysteries. Also are there calls that simply describes states that I would say are refering to the sephiroth.

Advice on studying the content of these calls:

Read them fast several times to see whats repeated, dont care about blurs and incomprehensivities. Then take a closer look at the repetitions and other themes that seems clear and consider whats being said.
When you have done this and think you have got some new knowledge from this - Consider it as a hypothesis and not knowledge ! I am sorry to say so, but as things are still: the overall work with the translations isnt more worth. I would never have presented this work on the web or anywhere else if it hadnt been for the extreme value of the calls as magickal calls.
But then; loaded with hypothesises, you can always do some practise and then get some validation done. As the calls are not in general erroneusly translated, it is just obvious that there are mistakes, and I dont know where. If I did; the work would have probably been done. But as much are right these hypothesises can bring you on to things not easily found otherwise.

The translation work with these calls goes very slow, if any speed at all, because I just find it mainly timeconsuming, difficult and gives off so little result.


Main motives in the I Ged Calls.

At the linked Calls are found additional comments.

The OS call:
Describes a process - attaining the evercontinous.

The CLA call:
This call seems to present CLA and describe his place in this system.

The PD call:
Seems to present a very benefic "redeeming" process by the PD involving the OB.

The MAPM call:
Difficult - The whole call looks like some arising prosess that simply isnt labeled. 

The AF call:
Seems to be the dynamics between the One and the AF in the creation of a Trinity.

The PEOAL call:
Too undefined i think - it speaks about making the Highest or the Highest Trinity. It may be as simple as just the Highest as the PEOAL call is to my knowledge definitely the most divine call existing. If you dont believe me - try it and some of the names from its table.

The EM call:
This is about the Fall or the divine manifestation into creation. The dispersion of the One into just another ones.

The ACAM call.
Some sacrificial work grows out naturally from a state of solid surplus - it seems abyssmal and also seems to include the awakening of some higher power like The Seer.

The NI call:
Matches the EM call, but being the other view, that on arising and sacrifice.

The OX call:
The motive or theme for whats going on here is not given. I think its also done on purpose as the call doesnt seem to describe any process but just describes how things are on a specific place on the path. And that place seem to be somewhere around UTA.

The CIAL call:
There are some kind of fall going on here but this is also unlabeled and unclear.

The OP call:
Another Manifestation process: the One into Three.

The DAOX call:
Its about a type of travel -not magickally like astral, but a mystic one of assimilation. Also a condemnation of and advice for the empty people. (that also may be the ones that can execute this kind of travel.)

The O call
Something about the 5`s -(O) relation to the One and the GA-31.

The GA call:
A regular call of the GA with some scenes from their whereabouts and relations.

The OB call:
The way of the Lanterns of sorrow (OB- that are also identified as the All here) to redemption.

The MIAN call:
On the making of a Star.

The VX call:
On creating the Trinity.

The OL call
On the 24 seats and the implied others way to the one unity.

The QUAR call:
Words from the space beyond light.

The DARG call:
Unclear - some geburah-like scenes

The EMOD call.
Lofty. Ketherian, Starry, Sunny, Lovely and about the child - cosmic child.

The TAXS call:
Difficult. Scenes from the starting point of chokhmah?

The ERAN call:
Even more difficult and unclear. Scenes from the startingpoint of Binah?.

The Four calls on the flames have content that refers to their respective numbers plus ....



Several of these can be discussed of course, but mainly I see these categorized this way:

Falling/Manifestation themes: EM, CIAL, OP, VX.

Arising/Sacrificial themes: MAPM, ACAM, PEOAL, NI, MIAN, PD, OS, OL.

Sephirothic scenes: OX, DARG, EMOD, TAXS, ERAN.

Plain calling and introductory : CLA, AF, O, GA, OB and the Flames.

Other: QUAR, DAOX.