The Call of ACAM:


Ieta goro de malpireta ovof mazaikin de paratisi de NI, Ol zami ovof ha mors sne so ma-thil - ma - ro. Ineni moibe ops lati Ne varan t olian de rati feijin, gelin sai nos de moz Iad. Ro GA thil des apa dors quasb lep forun setija od hem, dilmanu ath foijin gathopil. Sek vilem foi nos pratisi: " PENI PENA dogun arp".
---- Zinieol d mires-tak de orp. ---
ACAM fi mejin, dol atva zan. Kire de ACAM horieta od mospleh de votask moibe. Beszi sat vorun de oli'enup cors fafen dor maz zine lagdul OP sonez dal pireonu de vani ACAM dol.


The 7699 makes the Third out of continual darkness.

From the increasing lust of the fiery arrows in (their) company with the 28 virgins, my war is magnified to the extent that (he called) the waiting Time moves to the falling seats, falls and is gone. And thus; you have become so strong that you are begging to find the Holy seer, to make you the slave surrounding its birth, for so are the ugly words of Gods Joy. The gone 31's seat accepts to be the black destroyer; as the seed is already revealed and planted, and the 3rds sacrificial work is impounded by the most unpleasant waters. My attaining is found in connection with the word of the virgins: "PENI PENA: howling; be conquered. "
----The washing of the followers tormented feet.----
And the ACAM turns and looks around; seeing all are the shell of (the divine) finger. The Vitality of ACAM celebrates and the horns of the "agent of measuring" grows. Matter provided for the seed the making of such a black follower and the pact of the waters of ...(lagdul).The OP22 fighting forms makes the Holy one by the invoking of all 7699.