The call of AF:


O me - O ro.
Li od Keti fi des mi lem de oni je, koti da von sek Pirim. Telio de Ror i NA veiiti dol kasmisej. Foron uti sokh zan bejim ath leojo go "has ma do mikalz goredigal". Vaijta van de omistan, vajna co ar bi. Lal NO a-VI-ta OS of no, cars varan hos derium, maz tel pi ath nos venis geth orp Paz.
O Lio.
AF perim od sej no. Des itetikile paj denika faznik forohim del mi.

AF -19; the Finishers.

Five around -five gone.
O you; the One and the good brother encycle thou the powers path that is made ours, and protect thus the fortune; my Holy One. The ambition of the Sun is the Trinity appearing as the whole and is its settling power. The seed of wonder (uti) is by the finger in command discharged for the work in the wheel, who is saying "tremble and fall into the "vast open within". Listening neither to any names, nor any covering and protective voice, the same "second-like" seven and the strong 12 becomes, such (beings) the seer/elders joins and unites with, and the pact decides place of work for the word which summons the dedicated follower in PAZ.
I am calling you eternal One ; Nineteen run with, and do thy earthly work. I accept what has been done for rebellion has been driven through and shall be the fighting twins of power.



  The first sentence refers to the choice present in the 11th call, which is the core of what the AF are to help humans do.( Attatching to the Worldspirit via the GA or leaving the planet via the Eagle.)
"The good brother" is Paraketi. 
"The powers path" has a similar relation to the AF as the Holy City has to the aethers.  "Trinity" refers to flames 1-3.  "Kasmiseg" can be translated "creation begins possessing knowledge of energy possessing the will to negate" meaning destructive power relating to the Sun balances the creative power relating to the moon. 
"Seed of wonder (uti)" means a seed sent into the "powers path" in a way paralleling UTI's relation to the Holy City.  "Wheel" mean aethers 1-22, "vast open within" aether 23 to the ground. 
"Listening ... voice" refers to nonEarth energies.  "The same ... becomes" refers to the AF's action on the ground.  "Such (beings) ... PAZ" refers to the AF's joining with local energies, enabling them to act like the City does in relation to PAZ.  "Eternal One" refers to one in the area of the source of the AF.
"I accept .. power" refers to humans attachment to corporeality.

The title is new and I got it on request as the old "AF mithal skeiaton was impossible to get translated. It refers to the actions on the one that is more pointed out on the AFtable and its frame. The Trinity appearing as a whole implies some ressurection process of the Sun/Ego and explains also the use of the" Kasmisej" word. "The same secondlike seven and the strong 12" seems to refer to the internal division and organisation of the AF`s. But the qualities are swapped- We experienced the 7 as the solid while the 12 was unruly, strange and "secondlike". We found out that these 12 was not to be called on their own but only within the presence of one of the seven and these did then seem just all right. The swap may be due to their inconsistent use of grammar and syntax.