This table is made of the sentence: NO PI KeT. AB ROS Q. KAL BAIR G NE PILDZIN. DONET ZIK AF DE I Je GA MA LA. "Their place becomes - out of the remains of the garments of the sun of noon - 456 melts (and brings forth) our Holy firmament of water. The Rulers mystery of the 19 is the 31 falling on the One."

The Active part of the table of AF.

        N O        
      P I K T      
    A B R O S Q    
  K A L B A I R G  


  D O N E T Z I K  
    A F D E I J    
      G A M A      
        L A        


The table of AF does also contain a frame with lettering. Click the central L in the AF table to go there.


The Names of AF

The names of the AF are divided in two groups by 7 and 12.
The group of 12 are the main powers of AF and these are called in the precence of one from those in the group of 7 - this as the group of 12 seemed to be unruly on their own:
From the outer circle of the tablet:
From the next:
The last are:
The group of seven are:

Read Patricia Shaffers translations of the AF names.

On the general nature of the spirits of the AF.
The AF connect the Earth to a system outside this universe. The twelve names are planetary in nature, though not necessarily physical planets anywhere. The seven names are sign-like but more active and should be called first so that the planets are received in a filtered fashion. Each sign can hold at most two planets at a time. The following is the best description of the specifics we've gotten. The planets were first described in relation to planets in this solar system.

Read Runars "little look at the extraterrestial planetsystem."

Connection to the Tablet of God.
The AF pillars run from a point outside the Earth’s sphere, through the outer zodiac, and down to the surface where they connect with the Tablet of God. IBADTEL fills much of the four main regions, encompassing the center parts and touching the side parts. The other six of the seven sign-like names give pillars touching IBADTEL’s and connecting to the following parts of the tablet: TSIDZIA - 1st section (East)
PBLINFG - 3rd section (North)
AAPOAKEDN - LVAH side section (rising-midheaven) NIRBIEDAL - LANG side section (midheaven-setting)
QRZIJGIKN - SACH side section (setting-nadir)
OKOADTEMA - VRCH side section (nadir-rising)
The other twelve pillars are found inside the IBADTEL pillar and connect to the central parts of the tablet. The four innermost names connect to the letters of the central square V-MDNPK, R-DPLRK, A-IOIZK, F-GZZEA, and the other eight are found in the circle. LGADN is found at the center of the GOR section of the circle and AAFOE at the end as it reaches OES. NKJAA is found at the center of OES and IIIML at the ZAN end. OTQGN is found at the center of ZAN and NKSRI at the ZOI end. NKAPN is found at the center of ZOI and EABIO at the GOR end.


The general functions of the AF.
IBADTEL, TSIDZIA, and PBLINFG seem to follow the pattern of unity-male-female, TSIDZIA giving the connection between the other system and this one, PBLINFG being connected to the Earth. AAPOAKEDN relates to love, harmony, peace, etc. NIRBIEDAL relates to the solar system. QRZIJGIKN relates to the stars. OKOADTEMA is microcosmic, relating to particular forms.
OTQGN was described as martial. It seems to constitute a driving force.
NKJAA was described as saturn-jupiter. It seems to relate to expansion-contraction.
LGADN was described as mercury-venus. It seems generally microcosmic/related to personality and corresponds to OKOADTEMA.
NKAPN was described as Uranus/Oranos - #2 beyond. The numbers of the planets beyond seem connected with the numbers Sephirotic/planetary correspondence. NKAPN connects the two systems and corresponds to TSIDZIA.
NKSRI was described as planet #6 beyond. It seems to relate to whatever logos is being transmitted from there.
IIIML was described as planet #5 from beyond. It seems to break things up in this world.
AAFOE was described as the asteroids except Chiron. It involves things with large varieties of forms.
EABIO was described as all the fixed stars.
IOIZK was described as connected to planet Earth. It corresponds to PBLINFG.
GZZEA was described as #4 beyond. It seems connected with the order from beyond.
MDNPK was described as a planet far beyond. It seems to be a very subtle or high-level energy. It corresponds to IBADTEL.
DPLRK was described as Chrion/Neptune-Venus/Pluto-Saturn-Mars/Uranus-Mercury. It seems to involve Chiron as bridge between inner and outer planets, initiation, and rapid change.

The functions of the AF in detail.
The following are impressions of the various planet-sign combinations which might be taken as suggestive:
In IBADTEL: (Initial and cardinal movements.)
OTQGN: allows massive energy to flow in.
NKJAA: energy ebbs and flows, fluid change.
LGADN: doesnt work well because forms are meant to manifest, not rule
NKAPN: rules null and void, change in accordance with energy from the other system
NKSRI: process of opening the gate to the other system and letting the energy through
IIIML: massive destruction
AAFOE: causes forms to flow, focuses on dealing with particulars
EABIO: Sirius, Zanrak, and other stars most closely connected with the Sun's work
IOIZK: calling the Worldsoul to rule
GZZEA: rulership from beyond manifested here
MDNPK: slow ordering in accord with that which is furthest beyond
DPLRK: massive change

In TSIDZIA: (the other planetary system)
OTQGN: energy made available to implement patterns from the other system
NKAPN: no effect because NKAPN and TSIDZIA are related too closely to give the needed tension
NKJAA: back and forth between the systems
LGADN: forms taken by the energy entering from beyond
NKSRI: selfhood from other system adapts to this one
IIIML: emphasizing the destructive aspect of the other system' s influence
AAFOE: energy from beyond disrupting particular patterns like a lightning bolt, changing them to something in accord with the other system
EABIO: Arcturus, Merope, and other stars most closely related to the other system
IOIZK: the Worldsoul regulates what comes through from the other system
GZZEA: pattern of rulership from beyond governing what comes through
MDNPK: the energy from the other system serves as a channel for that which is far beyond
DPLRK: uniting of the entering pattern with the Earth's.

In PBLINFG: terrestrial
OTQGN: power of Worldsould and of mother goddesses/energies to create and destroy
NKJAA: ebb and flow of the physical processes of the Earth, seasons and other cycles
LGADN: Worldsoul's patterns simplified to deal with human beings and other living beings
NKAPN: bringing the Earth into Her place in the cosmos
NKSRI: Worldsoul as directing change brought from the other system, the energies dont blend smoothly
IIIML: destroys what is out of accord with Earth's will
AAFOE: the variety and evolutionary processes of life
EABIO: Antares, the star system ultimately responsible for Earth within the universe (and a larger area)
IOIZK: Worldsoul's energy, but not doing anything
GZZEA: this not meant to rule the Earth, rulership functions blending, but not smoothly
MDNPK: awakening the Earth to regain control of Her body
DPLRK: Earth as actively initiatory


OTQGN: harmonious relationships as channels for great energy
NKJAA: manifestations of love ebb and flow
LGADN: love of peace and friendship and love between individuals
NKAPN: influence from beyond creating harmonious change
NKSRI: logos from beyond acting through harmonious channels
IIIML: harmony as vehicle of destruction
AAFOE: connects to peace and goodwill already in world
EABIO: Alcyone, Alhena, and others with a consonant nature
IOIZK: love of life for the Earth, attachment to this particular planet
GZZEA: love and harmony from beyond reflected in love and harmony on Earth
MDNPK: implementation of peace and harmony
DPLRK: love in finite sense and of finite things, energy circles

In NIRBIEDAL: (solar)
OTQGN: establishes avenues from broader universe to Earth's surface
NKJAA: movement between Earth's surface and solar system outside
LGADN: people as citizens of solar system
NKAPN: opening to broader solar system allows opening to system beyond
NKSRI: logos from other system assimilates the patterns of the solar system
IIIML: destruction directed by the Sun's plans
AAFOE: planets and other aspects of the solar system reflected on Earth
EABIO: Vega as transmuter, Sirrah, and others
IOIZK: Earth's role as heavenly body
GZZEA: rulership from beyond harmonizes with Sun's rulership of solar system as seen on Earth
MDNPK: awakens those on Earth to the energy of the solar system
DPLRK: restores Earth to proper role in solar system

In QRZIJGIKN: (stellar)
OTQGN: stellar influences acting in balance with the patterns of the Earth
NKJAA: back and forth between different stellar influences
LGADN: knowledge of the stars
NKAPN: stellar influences as vehicle for energy from beyond to enter through
NKSRI: logos from beyond fits well with the energies of the stars
IIIML: destruction following the pattern of the stars
AAFOE: life responding to the call of the stars
EABIO: Algorab and others that most closely reflect the universes relationship to this solar system
IOIZK: Earth responding to stellar influences causes a great disruption of existing patterns
GZZEA: rulership from beyond incorporates stellar influences
MDNPK: allows stars influence to shine through
DPLRK: fire from the sky, direct influence from the stars seems madness

In OKOADTEMA: perceptive
driving force finds forms through which to manifest
NKJAA: vibrates forms to no particular effect
LGADN: forms begetting forms, no new creative spark
NKAPN: creates places where gate to other system can open
NKSRI: attempting to incarnate but unable to fit so far
IIIML: destruction and reordering of particular forms
AAFOE: myriad forces of life move through lifes various forms
EABIO: Vega as individual responses to stellar influences, Mirach, and others
IOIZK: Earths influence felt creating and destroying and transmuting forms
GZZEA: influence from beyond felt in particular patterns and cycles on the Earth
MDNPK: seeds of the highest hidden in particulars
DPLRK: forms moving into harmony with higher patterns


See also Deans "The AF and the Greek Gods" to get another another view on how dealing with the AF.

The Very Unfinished Book of the AF.
A work from May 98 - contains some clues on the AF plus some explanations on the creation of the system.

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