Another talk with BABALON
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 11:43:08 -0000

Greetings everybody,

I have been communicating again with BABALON a couple of days ago, and this
is my result:

As soon as I got down to the center of the Earth, I heard a thrumming sound
below me. I asked myself where She is, and suddenly She was standing before
me. She appeared to me with black hair and dressed in a yellowish, white dress.
She was surrounded by flames. She smiled to me; She seemed to have
recognized me, and She started to speak:
"For long have I remained in beatitude, upholding high standards; but the
standards are now thrown down and stepped upon. Never shall I reveal my
holyness again".
I asked: >"Could you explain what happened to you?"
" It was a merciless assault upon me. I have been revered and reaped, but
never have I upheld anything more than my holyness.
"reason does not belong here, for the Earth knows no reason; soon the Earth
shall awaken and it will restore her Mother on Her righteous throne.
>Is "God" your son?

"No. It is more an expression of me".

>"Who is the one I saw before frozen in ice?"

" That is the Earth you used to know, a shedding of skin. I shall be its
next phase: young, passionate for life and joyful of my children. The Pylons
guarantee stability. Just connect to them, then let the energies of the Sons
and Daughters fill you.

(I am for a moment distracted by the sight of an underground waterfall. But
I continue my talk with BABALON).

>"What do you think of the Earth?"

"I think she is gorgeous. Remember that you all are (connected with) me. To
hurt me is to hurt you.

>"What happened to you some 12.000 to 17.00 years ago?"

"I was younger and impressionable. I wanted to evolve fast. I was foretold a
great future, but alas, I was held fairy pictures.
"This is the mission: to restore me. But help is on its way. Soon I will
evolve and travel with my children to the stars. The other star systems are
sisters of me.

>"Why are they so different?"

"Because they are not...
"I need you, just as you need me. Evolution is preordained.

>"By who?"

" By my Elders, the Ones at the center of the galaxy.

"What is your origin?"

" Young I was, and ordained to undergo incarnation in the system of RABONAK.
BLRANTA was couteous, and helped me greatly. I realized the connection with
the other planets, especially Jupiter.

BABALON continued talking about the HAMIEN, some sort of discarnate
champions that defend the Earth. She did this more with images and ideas
thant with words, as before. I thought these "HAMIEN" might be deceased
warriors of the past. I thought of the Islamic tradition that posits the
existence of 4,000 righteous men in each generation who are like saints, and
who seem to guard over the Earth. These warriors seem to be the true knights
of the round table, i.e the Earth.

"Earth shall not decline, nor loose any fairness. So shall it remain for
ages, but we shall change our way of thinking. It is all over if you look
good. Cosmic consciousness is a step closer.
" To go outside the solar system through the Earth, one has only but to use
one's head. just say where you want to go, and step through a pentagram."

(I was shown a pentagram with five words on each point:

                           EPIN     ELNI
                           TARO    ORAP

ABNLH appears in the center of the pentagram.)

"Just visualize and then you are there. There is no distance, just consciousness.
" I can take many shapes and die differently. Death is not preordained".

These were the last words I heard before I lost all contact with BABALON.
I could do nothing but end the contact and close down.

The words of the pentagram by essence:
ARGO: beginning the motion through the negation of existence.
EPIN: intented placing of energy within.
TARO: balanced beginning of the motion of existence.
ORAP: becoming movement in time and space.
ABNLH: the stirring of multiplicity within by the One breath.

There is much here that I do not understand. As always, comments are welcome.



Later on..

I tried the pentagram Marid posted last month for
moving to other spaces.  It seems to create a veiled
passage that only the mage can pass through, as opposed
to the planetary tablets he's gotten and the lotus
sigils Ben's gotten, which seem to allow a free flow of
energy.  I was told I could only pass through to places
resonant with my true will, such as the space the AF
connect to and the first of the places Ben visited in
his sample lotus visions.



Subject: Re: The Pentagram of BABALON
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 17:29:22 -0000

Greetings everybody,

For these past couple of weeks I have been able to explore the pentagram
BABALON showed me. Dean made a tentative exploration into it, (see below) and spurred by
his initiative, I decided to remain ignorant no longer about this item.
After a standard banrite of the pentagram and the vibrating of the first
call, I sat myself down in my asana. Within my astral temple as described by
Ben Rowe, I visualized the pentagram. It has four-lettered names on the
points of the pentagram and a five-lettered one in the middle, like this:


                          EPIN            ELNI

                          TARO       ORAT

I started vibrating the names, starting with ARGO and continuing clockwise
with ORAT and so on, and visualizing each enochian letter.
The four-lettered names turn out to be some sort of guardians or sentinels,
not really sentient as a living being, but more or less autonomous, like a
computer program. They are able to cloak the user. I can still not explain
fully how these sentinels work, because they do not make one really
invisible; they seem to work more on the principle of being silent, as in
the four powers of the sphinx.
As for the five-lettered name, according to Patricia Shaffer's root
essences, it means 'stirring duality within the primacy of life'. It seems
to indicate the changing from yin to yang or viceversa, the flow from one to
the other, within the Taoist paradigm. So this pentagram has a strong
balancing force, acting like a multidimensional armour to protect one, but
from what?
In my opinion, this pentagram is more than a simple shield, like the Rosy
Cross ritual of the Golden Dawn to protect oneself astrally. First of all,
it looks like a pentagram in two- and threedimensional space, but in other
dimensions, like in some regions we like to call the astral, it is a
spheroid. yet in higher (orshould I say other) dimensions, its shape is
impossible to describe.
Because in the astral - or fourth dimension or whatever you call it - there
is no space and time, one does not have to travel or to move. One just is
instantly from one place to the other. Therefore a gate 'there' is not the
same as a gate 'here' on the physical plane. When I was told to step through
this pentagram to travel freely, even outside the Solar System, I heard it
said: "There is no distance, just consciousness". This pentagram facilitates
a different state of mind, a sort of uplink with the metaphysical centre of
one's consciousness, which I like to call Hadit*. With it, one can invoke,
or 'download' new personal sofware into oneself. (Excuse my computer
This description is a bit more elaborate than Dean's, but on the whole I
agree with him in that it seems to create a veiled passage where only the
mage can go through; it is a one-way channel. It also lets one pass through
to places resonant with ones true will. In my case I have been able to
contact my H.G.A.,whoever or whatever it seems to be.


*But which does not need to be the same as Crowley's definition of Hadit.