The Earthing rite.

From Marids OPARMGT working I found the following passage and it made me think and work, and what follows are the ideas I got and some results which still contains some good advices, so they are here even if I eventually ended up with the last section as the healing rite, and then also a mini rite consisting of the name of Oselenai and together with the names I received for the Pylons, as some kind of daily equilibration.

>Your intelligence is non-local. You are like Hadit, and Hadit is OSELENAI.
>"Everything in this sol system obeys the fourfold model; other system have more complicated models. Earth has a fourfold axis, the four >Pylons. Energizing them stabilizes your motoric faculties and yourself. As you are tied to the Earth, always take care to balance it once >in a while with Pujas and a general healing opus using the energies of the Earth. See yourself connected with the Earth through an >umbilical cord. (He dictates another string of words:)

"Eran toleneki, zoranu ka tolenpe ka torenanu. Ma tosilha na nereku zoblong. Cormi donsolhi. Torenau cam ca blen. Corinne zoldanu calemnia. Tobo Pir. (I can't say anything about these words. Its meaning is unknown)

>From the Babalon-working:

>" That is the Earth you used to know, a shedding of skin. I shall be its
>next phase: young, passionate for life and joyful of my children. The Pylons
>guarantee stability. Just connect to them, then let the energies of the Sons
>and Daughters fill you."

I saw that; if this is true: "Earth has a fourfold axis, the four >Pylons. Energizing them stabilizes your motoric faculties and yourself."
Then this practice must be very important. And then I realized that the quarter division is maybe the most common design in ritual magick, but none as far as I have seen speaks out about this practice of energetizing them.

I saw that the untranslated call started with the name of ERAN the 6322 from the 18th call, that I know are transmittors of the energy field of the Earth.
So I tried it and immediately got the names to use for the pylons, plus the vision of how to use it.

The name of OSELENAI precedes these advices and it couldnt said to be clear from the text if this name should be a part of the practice, but when I tried the pylonnames I noticed at once that it should. Because the pylons shall not be connected to any bodypart, as the body moves and goes in all directions, therefore it can only connect to the Hadit point, our secret, transcendent but present center.

>The Pylons guarantee stability.
Therefore I think this concept of rite is an essential addition to the list of banishingrites for the enochian magickian in the spaceage, plus I believe anyone dealing with astral travel will benefit from this.

So the last 4-5 days I have been working with this rite and several variations of it, and so far this is how I think it should look.

The Earthling Rite:

Centered in circle: Vibrate OSELENAI.

The names of the Pylons: (These I received before I was told that there were sigils

Vibrate the name into corresponding direction, and use the image you get of the pylon and get it clearer and find its center. Vibrate the name again and send it to the pylon, letting it unite and see it return. Upon return let it connect to the point that OSELENAI have opened and then vibrate again, repeating the process till you feel satisfied with the connection.

Next step: (As he said:) See yourself connected with the Earth through an umbilical cord.

PART 2a: To be used if the rite is on opening an session or if energetization is needed.

Call the Guides of Eran:
Reciting: " Mighty guides of ERAN, Come not forth thyself, but call the serpental Fire of Comfort, straightaway from the Earth to here."

PART 2 b : To be used if the rite is used on closing or if earthing is needed.
Recite the call:
"Eran toleneki, zoranu ka tolenpe ka torenanu. Ma tosilha na nereku zoblong. Cormi donsolhi. Torenau cam ca blen. Corinne zoldanu calemnia. Tobo Pir.

Part 1:
Find this to be exactly what I needed. It really creates noticeable differences that stays. And the main result is that I feel so well placed !
This part is just genius. This practise can easily be translated into any tradition by finding some appropriate names to use for the pylons.

The sun constitutes what I see of the qualities of the eastWest axis.
While the energy field of the earth that circulates from and to the poles makes the differences of the NorthSouth axis. This energyfield is represented by ERAN.

I was dissatisfied with using the sons of daughters as they appear from the OL table - The sons are the sons of fury and I found them to be angry, and that didnt really fit into a rite that I would file under banishings. I guess the sons and daughters of light from the SDA may fit better, but I would like to try Eran.

The sentence "come not forth thyself" was added as I tried without first and then they appeared with their peculiar and funny personalities. Its cool, but it wasnt that I had in mind. The next time I tried this, they didnt appear - but I noticed their slight surprise and that there was some communication going on between them and that they noted and agreed that when they hear this call; they wont appear in person.
The energy they sendt seems to fit into heart and body more than mind, so that with Oselenai present everything should be duly balanced and well.

Part 2b:
Its a pity we have no translation of this call, but I have tried many times now and theres nothing dangerous with it, it actually seems to settle things more than it calls. The effects so far have been that I feel that it nearly turns one off magickally or at least turns ones attention to the manifest and earthly level. A seldom call.






Here follows the rite precisely as it was thought by reading the texts of Marid.

Ritual Action:


Vibrating the pylonnames together with the drawing of the corresponding sigils

EastSouthWest North

The pylonnames as they appear in the QWYD working; Earth section:


I therafter called the sons and the daughter as they appear in the same working.




And that was it.

The effect was rather different from the other. I noticed that the sons was going outwards and made some connections while the daughters seemed to stay more present. And it became a very clear healing session. Their energies went through and solved all muscular tensions, and tensions elsewhere too. A very thorough ice-melter. Also the spine became very activated and the first time i tried it, some strange feelings of gravity showed up. It was as some magnetic current resulting in weight was in my spine. It was strange but reminded me of some old OB working.
I didnt get that particular feeling of stability as in the first versions of this rite, and i recognized that the pylonnames was very different from those names that I achieved. Guess I can get more out trying more. Did also get various other things that didnt get fully manifest, but guess its mostly because of my history rather than the particular effect of this rite. Anyway; my conclusion is that this rite stands out as The enochian healing rite.