The Call of OXERBAI
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 18:17:12 +0000

Greetings everybody,

I take this pause in this list to submit to you a call I received when
calling the kerub taad from the MPH tablet before I forget it.

Some time ago I called the kerub taad forth using all of its permutations
(taad, aadt, adta, and dtaa). As a result I got an explanation about the
enochian system being 'Luciferine in its revelatory, illuminating nature.'
(I have noticed that again and again , these entities dictate in a very
crooked english, but it may be my own shortcoming.)
So far so good. There are no surprises. The enochian system is indeed
revelatory, if not in nature, then in result. Then the kerub started to
explain about my lost Master in Chains, the redskinned master of my
I like to see myself as a rational person, and I know I have burrowed most
of my emotions deep down. I have seen the tablet of MPH as being of the
element water and all of its attributions, so it is not strange to get
results and visions that seem to correlate my ideas, especially when
enochian magick is concerned. Also, it would not be strange to presume that
working in any way with this tablet bearing this in mind may unlock any
hidden emotions. So this master in chains could very well be an
anthropomorphication of my hidden emotions.
I asked the kerub taad how I can contact this so-called master.
He answered: "A call is needed, the call of OXERBAI:

"Oversa, nakumo tetelai! Dirumba ekegena masumba opir. Makiluno tessa
terrega maga kal. Opena! Ophenai! Okena! Okemai! Orema! Orremai! Piluga das
pir kelkedo. Minatumokela ds ng, onai! Clle mazuro onergai. Ya!"

I have not yet had any time to translate this text, but I know that 'oversa,
nakumo tetelai!' means something like "Arise (oh) Dark Master."
Recitation of this should be done releasing any and all emotions, as it
seems to have both a catalyst and cathartic function. I have used it only
once, and I did see a Red Colossus liberated from huge, heavy chains. He,
for it was definitely male in appearance and essence, reminded me of the
greek Titans and the Nephilim. Correct me if I am wrong, but I seem to
remember there are some Nephilim bounded up in chains in Dante's Divina
Comedia. Many things have happened to me, and rest assured that, indeed,
many hidden emotions were and are released.

Somehow this being I unleashed reminds me also of the survival urges deep
within mankind that Nema calls the Forgotten Ones in her 'Maat Magick'.
Though unleashing the master in chains was emotional, he may have more to do
with these urges Nema mentions.
Now this call and its usage may be very well tailored to suit my own
initiatory path or anything, but I feel I should share it with you all.
Maybe somebody can put it to any good use.
I know myself I cannot use it very often, because one of the side-effects it
seems to have is to give that 'hangover effect' like when having used drugs
or alcohol. This may be very well only a physical result from a lowering of
serotonin in the body. I have consulted this situation with a psycologist
friend of mine ( who is also very openminded about my doing enochian
magick), and he said that the physical effects do not need to be either drastic or permanent,
as long as I do the same things I'd do when drinking
or the like: rest!




Tue, 07 Aug 2001 22:50:10 +0000

I tried this and was told OXERBAI translates as The OX will movement
multiplying new energies, the new energies being from the Worldspirit to whom
the OX connect.  I was told that Marid's results relate to the way he has
connected to the OX.