Marid Audrans Pages:

The System of QVYD
A complete and simple grimoire of planetary magick.
Contains the names of the worldsouls of all our planets,plus names for other important functions.

What makes this system differ from other sets of planetary names is that these are made to bring you there; astrally, while other sets of names just brings a current to your circle.

TFM: The Book of OPARMGT
An observer of the Earth speaks.

The call of OXERBAI
A call to release and call forth hidden emotions or maybe more?

The Pentagram of Babalon
A speak with the Earthsoul and about a Pentagram that can be used for longdistance travel.

The Tablet of SIIBIDISI;
The Gateway and the cube of manifestation
Some details explained, more mystic material.

The Magickal Carpet
A travel device, but its full capacity is still not seen.

The Earthing Rite.
An advice developed into a healing and aligning rite plus plus.

Caosgo Tablet
Initialized by Marid, but completed as a groupwork, the tablet of Caosgo is the most advanced tool existing to get in touch with the spirit of Earth and her ways.

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