The Call of CIAL.


Nogost LI ba veti onufk kol oi-je ma ton dares osia nothun dil-tani. Fek tarja mopolosa sieta no maraz-zol goinup ars nati: "Baije do kile be tani fianu de orion athi neki. Beria motu lati de horia nes pi EM." Zol da bieth de ofasi goi: "Marbele pazia kaijin dog lama te onus vati de perabil." Foani etiava oi nati kol otun de mapi zanu, dares thil fi na honia. "Nome banutas de arfin daki? am tame!" Donus lam b onto nos. CIAL gohia : Ab, rotun, de fanutas vovina kas mi-ont de alieta naf peijim, des i ma.


The 9996 are a fortune as vitality.

Requiring the One, but letting the Guardian make us fall together; the whole self burns in the midst of the 3rds balance. Noisy creatures becomes silenced and the black hand says to the friendly child: "I doubt in life but Balance whirls and brings forth the celebration of life's work. (I) sleep knows, for finding celebration; walk to the place of the EM." The hand that becomes crushed by strength says further: " The burdens of the just are Them; being free on the howling path, making beasts of the fiery one's restriction" Turning and whirling this kid redeems from the sentence of the finger, while the seat of the self turns the in void. "Ceasing the guarding of the Holy seer ? The curse is then here!" The rulers way was anyway just the flow of words. 9996 says " Stand up, rebell, for the dwelling dragon is blowing his powers that consumes the translucent sicle, whoso is accepting is falling.