The Call of CLA:


"Koreti dana OS. Maobeitan dol tare cors zami no veiiti, lap zirdo asiazor dothin lafefe asti orp-sik satinuji. Argal orieta on donus ma tonuj - va senid sapil, of vatin dakil. Varanu osianes zimihe of nares deti-anu - lok mara-bela. Ag norim, ag forim, lol isx astin voinup".
Quasi telin AF vaita deti-onu maza-mi dothin ar-telin dok maretz Di on, toreo DI karas-mi filia nogul arin donuta pei athi pele-onto karia den-anie vanu of. Gor telin liba eti nastik L ovof otun danie eparanta dores mithal, Quar fajin ag dinet osia CAL mor ton baje-om od voijiki lava zem da roto da EM, ger pa od vaors Balaton de ag pal DI sek zami nati kors laje van terim pazikas odra mazi-KAL.
Tonuj mor, odo oasiheda capimaon deli ona od maretzi van. Esiakahe si deli pa je HO.


Calling the 456 ages.

"(I am)obediant counting the 12. At last will all these become such agressors when released, for I am in the likeness of an mirroring vessel, willing the mystery of the follower explain. (I am) winnowing into those celebrating, making rulers fall defaced like lamenting stars, (I am) the strong seer that makes the measures. (I am) the burning seer entering and with might extinguishes the song made with raising the terrible Justice. No sons, no seeds; everything glows equalized, willing its own might."
The 19 in their pleasant course listens to the made song of matrimony's power, mirroring their protected course, fulfilled is the burdens that the 3rd made, and sustained is the 3rd; whose power also is withheld, protecting the reigning sicles work of pouring the stiff fire into the oven by obediant calling the 28 (lanterns). The lustful course of the righteous is whirling, not going; the One magnified by the ressurection by the black fires punishment; the 1636's no turning; demanded by the burning 456 ages of time. The All knows doubt and the mighty invoking overfloats the 9; they being silenced and over Justice that non-formulates the 3rd; my war-child's absolute neither shall be the eternal Master of the 456 covenant.
Defaced time, open the heaths of All-time, where neither there are fighters nor any burdens. The Brothers stop fighting in our Zero.




This call seems to present CLA and describe his hierarchy. The absolute neither is made the real ruler, and this I know well by its ability to create that particular perplexion - which I guess is the real source behind the frequent reports of the enochian "trippiness".
The War-child reminds/refers to the AC expression of "the crowned and conquering child". It must be remembered that AC actually made that expression in LIL and it doesnt stem from the Book of the Law.
CLA identifies as the measurer. He doesnt explain the mystery of the follower here. But with follower is meant shadow and then we have got schools and plenty of doctrines elsewhere on how to work with the shadow.
The aggressors I understand to be the zodiack in general, not the Stars themselves but the lens here on Earth splitting the one into divergence. This is another "sort out the divisions of polarity" text.