On the frame of the table is written:
"OP latič, od da fi etgors la hueni da kors l bas".
: "Finding the OP, and there whirling in the exalted lust and there worshipping such as The Cup"

It was made clear to me that this was a reference to the work of PERIO as outlined in DOzmt Chapter III part 4 and esp. verse two and the vessel mentioned in the call of CLA.

The Table of CLA.

o p. l a t i č. o d. d
.s N I K S I E M A a.
a O K T O L D A R f
b N O T H A R Z I i.
l. K I E L T O M I e
.s H O B U R Z I L t
r A K T A M R I V g
o T O K M O T A N o
k Z M O C L A O I r
.a d .i n e u h .a l .s.


The extracted Names:
From the corners are found four which I understand shall be used for purifying the temple or to set the mind in the right mode for more demanding work:


There are then Eight other names which are read vertically and horizontally that shall build this vessel:


The central name:


The additional name OLROZROMKTBETT is found in a D shape, and was told me it was a name for that follower mentioned in the call of CLA and ACAM. There are presumably more names to come.

About CLA.
The CLA is an energy which carries out commands from the seats mentioned in call 3. The first four names connect with the tablets in the order MOR, whichever of MPH and OIP is adjacent to MOR, the other of MPH and OIP, ORO. The combined name runs a circle through the four tablets. These names seem to establish the foundation for the work of the rest. The four horizontal names also fit with the tablets in the same order as the first four and employ the respective hierarchies. The four vertical names go off in the directions in which the Black Cross arms point, the first in the direction between MOR and MPH or OIP, the next between MPH and OIP, the next between MPH or OIP and ORO, the last between ORO and MOR. EHAOZMAB-LTUR seems to push out through these from a central location. These nine names fit neatly with the nine sections of the third crypt sigil (see PD and the cubes). The additional names do not seem to involve the watchtowers.
The CLA energy is discussed in the Stanzas of Dzyan (in H.P. Blavatsky's The Hidden Doctrine) as the manifest form of Fohat, the unmanifest form being PA-I-ON of the EM.