The Call of DAOX


Ar baleta, doi kataleim foi nasti ser-pa-lemi. Of nati cajin dogost tel mi-pares ath veni dokors atho maja-pele-tonu. Fo anis keth vilem sokh mapi reta noi. Ot nami de fines omp gati'e lap sorethil nof abramg goi: Da joni OP fanutas baje. Kriolp kars malplati gof ores napta don sethun zoma de Balaton atienu OP tami ke aviny sapahe tel-i AF canila dores otiam. DAOX kol mapara des likavi antur domeniki affa fatinu. Sepi sapah quaiin ef fan vohim. Peresnati do pamprasqui entirio valeont da gores laminanu.


5678 says rebell.

Protecting his rights; the serpent of plenipotentiary, turns and moves on the lamenting path. The strong but hidden child enters through the ways of the strong fires for the work of invoking the promised revenge by the total fixed fire. Being surrounded; they attain the rulers sentence and are done slaves. (..)Offering more of the understanding between impoundation; for the translucent seated flight prepares by saying ": The faith in the 22 dwells in doubt." Fulfilling whats bound to happen; such black discordant partakers of the arrow must be ruled by their sword. The wisdom of Justice before the the 22 creatures is the noisy millstones going; bringing forth the 19's black blood. 5678 made the kingdom that accepts those in vain and beyond relief and lets the grand wave billow over its empty visitors. The noisy star of olives decides to visit the child letting him eat huge pomegranates. Thou Fiery Child; be thou within the holy oil to further pursue the growing strength to the lusty path of olive stones.