On the EM Sigils


In general:
The colors found in the EM sigils may be interpreted as follows:

Red:    The energy of the EM
Blue:   The energy of the NI
Green:  Energy mediated by the ACAM or others
Purple: Energy of the highest
Yellow: Energy from outside
Orange: Mix of red and yellow
White:  Pure energy
Gray:   Energy of mixed purity
Black:  Barrier

The corner sigils:
The four sigils from the cornes of the table of EM go with the EM in groups of three as they fit with the
AMSU formula:

0)  Upper Left.  Goes with the power behind the EM, God in the context of the sixth call.  The white cross represents the power and the gray its process of manifesting, with the flame connecting to the energy of the EM.

1)  Upper Right.  Goes with the first three EM.  The central hexagon goes with PA-I-ON, the orange sections with PERIO, and the entire shape with PERIAK.  The lines of the hexagram go with the other six EM as per the assignments for the following sigils.  The orange sections and adjoining flames are assigned to the pairs of EM's whose lines meet at the outer points.

2)  Lower Right.  Goes with the third group of three, PARAZAM, PARAKETI, and PARASEG fitting with the sides of the triangle in the order top, left, right.  Energy manifests through the NI, represented by the triangle, with
the influence of the highest being indirect.

3)  Lower Left.  Goes with the middle three, PARAMAON, PERDOI, and PARAMA fitting with the left, right, and bottom sides of the triangle.  Perdoi goes with the green section because he is more directly active (reflected
in the Per vs. Para's in the names).  The surrounding circle in this sigil is black because it corresponds to a constrained intermediate stage.

The EM sigils:
The sigils for the individual EM all have black circles surrounded by blue background, reflecting the EM's place among the NI.  The lines and section in the sigils go with an attribution for the eight direction.  The diagonal directions go with the corner sigils they point to.  Up and down go with the highest and most manifest aspects of things.  Left and right go with the processes of individual creation and of ordering things into
systems.  The left is also associated with the egg of potential.  The sigils with primarily red backgrounds reflect members that primarily work with the energy of the EM.  Those with primarily white backgrounds reflect
members who work more with other energies.  The individual sigils may be described as follows:

PERIAK:  Pure energy becomes the energy of the EM.  The four corners are pointed to, reflecting PERIAK's role as chief of the EM.

PA-I-ON:  Energy from outside becomes local energy.

PERIO:  The halves of the oval have a yin-yang type duality, and the placement of black in the up direction and white in the down indicates the higher and the more manifest flowing into each other.


PARAMAON:  The lines connect the corners in the order 3-1-0-2, indicating reaching from the central group up to the 1 and 0, then projecting back down into the 2.  The red flames indicate that the results are then given forth as EM energy through all available outlets.

PERDOI:  The division into right and left sections indicates that PERDOI is involved with both individual creations and with ordering, and thesecombine as energy of the highest sort.

PARAMA:  The lines indicate that energy is brought out of the egg into forms that the middle group sends forth.

PARAZAM:  The red in the right and green in the left indicate that the EM are involved in ordering and, in combination with servants such as the ACAM, with individual acts of creation.  The central green and red sections indicate that the two processes mix, as with the dots in the yin-yang symbol.


PARAKETI:  The division into right and left indicates that both individual creations and orderings are manifested through the green flames.  These point to 0 and 1, reflecting PARAKETI's emphasis on balanced creation.

PARASEG:  The lines connecting up and down and right and left indicate a blurring of distinctions.  The higher diagonal indicates an inflation of individuality and the lower a manifesting of order without mitigating factors.