On the structure of the Calls.
Last time revised September 20, 2000.

On The Purpose of the Calls
The original set of calls given to Dee and Kelley were described as opening 49 gates and connected tablets. These tablets would seem to be those given in Liber Loagaeth, though the details are not clear yet. The calls open gates through which energy is transmitted and invoke the things mentioned in the calls including the I Ged spirits. The beings invoked do not seem to be intrinsically connected with the gates, as the connected tablets are. Rather, they seem to represent one way of employing the energy.

Seven-Fold Pattern
The calls have a 7-fold pattern that seems to derive from the gates. This does not fit neatly with the structures found through the calls, in particular that of the aethers.

[Only 0-6 are listed, but presumably this pattern continues on past 6, with 7 falling under 0, 8 falling under 1, and so on. -C.R.] ====>

It can be described roughly as follows:

0: These calls (0,7,14,etc.) seem to have a sense of reaching a sense of unity to complete the preceeding calls and then returning to form to begin the next set.

1-3: These relate to some barrier to be reached through, with the first being outside projecting in, the second inside obeying the first, and the third giving a passage through connecting these two.

4: These have a quality of brightness and peace that make receptivity possible. They connect to the Worldspirit who lives at the center of the Earth.

5: These have an extraterrestrial connection admitted by means of the preceding.

6: These have a quality of earthly manifestation of higher plans.


IHShVH formula, Zodiac as Barrier
The calls involve a structure referred to in the 4th-6th calls as angles and in the 8th call as heavens. These would seem to connect like the points of an M and fit with the formula IHShVH as follows:








The fifth point, which relates to the IALPIRGAH "flames of first glory" in call 7, is Haditian, the root of consciousness. The first point, corresponding to call 3, relates especially to the lower set of twelve seats mentioned there which are the zodiac. The zodiac seems to correspond to the turning from the astral to mental planes in the Enochian system and seems to be a major barrier. In contrast, the turning from the mental to the causal, where the Abyss is usually placed, seems to be incidental. There are two copies of the zodiac involved, one at the outside of the veil over the Earth and equivalently outside the aethers, the other between the aethers LIN and TOR. These seem to relate to the distinction between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs. Inside the inner zodiac, the sidereal zodiac which runs Aries-Pisces holds sway. Between the two zodiacs, the tropical zodiac which runs Pisces-Aries holds sway.

Outside the outer zodiac, there is just the direct influence of the stars and planets. The aethers are apparently incidental and perhaps identical with the veil over the Earth. Their geography is apparently simple, with TEX nearest the Earth and the rest running outward in order.

The geography of the beings connected with the angles in the calls is more complex. The second set of twelve seats mentioned in call 3 is the outer zodiac, and the function of the call is to admit things through the veil. The PD and AF mentioned in calls 4 and 5 start outside and come through. The EM and NI mentioned in calls 6 and 7, by contrast, live on the ground to begin with. This may say something about the relationship between the veil and the planes. Anyway, the numbers 456 and higher appearing in the original calls relate to the zodiac, 1=Pisces,
so that, for example, 456 can be interpretted Sagittarius-Scorpio-Libra. Benjamin Rowe's Zodiacal Round draws on this take on the zodiac.



Directions Mentioned in the Calls
The directions mentioned in the calls follow two patterns. The higher one can be related to aethers 11-22 in groups of three and to the corresponding OP spirits. These run East 11-13, South 14-16, West 17-19, North 20-22. This gives a correspondence between North and the second angle (see table above), explaining why the speaker of call 4 sets his feet in the South (looking North). The second pattern relates to the continents of the Tablet of God, with East 1st continent, South 2nd continent, North 3rd continent, West 4th continent. It should be noted that these correspondences are probably not primary but are the best currently available. The directions mentioned in calls 7-10 follow the first pattern.

The OX of call 8 have four groups fitting with the directions South, West, North of the first pattern and lastly East combining the two. The directions mentioned in calls 11-13 fit the second pattern.


The Celestial, Human, and Earthly realms

Also significant is the division of the world into celestial, human, and earthly realms. This constitutes an independent dimension relative to the angles. Related to this is the four-fold division found in the NI and OX of receptive celestial beings, implementers of the first group who span the three realms, independent agents moved by these who also span the three realms, and earthly implementers of these agents' will. This division is found in the watchtower hierarchy in the form of the banner-names, the seniors and kings, the kerubic angels and 6-letter names, and the 5-letter names and serviant angels and squares. The EM and VX live in the three spaces between the four divisions.


The Numbers Appearing in the Calls

The numbers appearing in the calls have a variety of natures. The numbers 5 and those from 8-33 are numbers of members of groups, with the word being the name of the group. The numbers 456+, excluding 1000, refer to groups characterized by the sequences of digits, which refer to combinations of the nine EM spirits and the signs of the zodiac, with the words being the names of the groups. Viu=2, norz=6, and motb=1000 seem to be the names of these numbers simply as numbers. The angles mentioned in calls 4-7, and the associated phrases "as the first and second" etc., are numbered L=1, Viu=2, D=3, S/ES=4. The letter U/V is associated with the second angle, and the letter I fits with 5th point both by nature and as the first letter of IALPIRGAH. Additionally, the number 6 is associated with the return to the manifest, this going with the letter N as the first letter of NI and norz. This relates to the system of gematria I have received. Also, the flames in calls 15-17 are numbered L=1, Viu=2, D=3, and mention is made of Viu L, second of the first, in call 2, and L/EL the first in calls 2 and 6. These relate to the AMSU formula, with the second relating to S or Z and the last to O. Viu is written out in the calls because two letters correspond to 2 in the different contexts.

Beings Invoked by the Calls

There is no I Ged material for the first two calls, and it seems that they are meant to be used with the watchtower hierarchy.

Call 1 invokes the authority of Iad Balt who coordinates the activity of the watchtower angels for the Enochian God. It is directly addressed to the watchtower angels.

Call 2 invokes Viu L, second of the first, who has a structuring, materially oriented nature, and his relationship to IAIDON, the all-powerful. Not much is known about either.

Calls 3-7 proceed through the five points listed above.

Call 3 invokes 24 seats, 12 higher ones, divided into six seats of living breath and six that are sharp sickles or the horns of death, and 12 lower ones that are the outer zodiac in the order Pisces-Aries as above. The first 12 seats form an opening through the veil through which things may enter. The CLA is an energy inside the zodiac which implements the will sent from the seats.


Call 4 invokes the PD who need to descend from their home outside the veil in order to create an environment recepive to the AF's introduction. They are assisted in this by the MAPM and CLA.

Call 5 invokes the mighty sounds in the shape of olives.  The brightness of the heavens then lay the foundation for the AF pillars through the space defined, and the AF carry the influence of a distant system to aid the Earth.  The PEOAL assist in bringing through and integrating influences from outside.

Call 6 invokes the EM and their servants below, the ACAM.

Call 7 invokes the IALPIRGAH, flames of first glory, which give rise to the NI who set the pattern for coming back down.

Call 8 invokes the OX who form connections between the points and then pillars below reflecting them and letting their influence flow down. The pillars connect the point of working with the opposite point on the Earth in five groups, four forming great circles over the surface starting in the cardinal directions and one going straight down. Then are mentioned the Dragon, who consists of the perishable material of which the Earth is made, and IADOIASMOMAR, Him that Is and Was and Shall Be Crowned, whose nature is unknown.

Call 9 invokes the mighty guard of fire, his instruments the P vials of wrath, and his ministers the CIAL. The P are used to break things apart. The CIAL then gather "the moss of the Earth" from the disorder. They work through the OX pillars and reach from the first set of attributes given for the directions into the second to do their gathering. Also mentioned is IADBALTOH who seems to supervise this process.

Call 10 invokes the oak formed by the OP and connected spirits. The roots of the oak follow the four surface groups of OX pillars. The trunk reaches from the ground to the region between the zodiacs where the branches, the OP, form a cube. The DAOX act as a filter along the roots and trunk, bringing through the things gathered by the CIAL into the branched. When a process of gathering is done, the connecting OL names make an avenue for the finished product to return to the surface.

Call 11 features a choice between leaving the planet or attatching oneself to Her, with the O either connecting one to the Eagle so that one may leave or attatching one to the Earth through the GA, which act as a sort of elevator to the center of the Earth and the Worldsoul.



Call 12 invoked the OB, who are used to go outside the Earth's gravity and travel to other places. This is how those who choose the Eagle leave. The MIAN provide a connection with the Earth.

Call 13 invokes the swords of the south and their eyes VX.

Call 14 invokes 24 seats the OL who correspond to and unite the two zodiacs, as well and the sons of fury and daughters of the just who occupy the seats and the QUAR who serve them. This call begins a cycle completed with the first two aether calls.

Calls 15-18 invoke the four flames and related characters whose purpose is to bridge the veil over the world, with the boundary between RII and TEX being the main point of interaction.

Call 15 features the First Flame who moves between the outer zodiac and LIL through to RII, as well as the DARG who create a column from his region to the ground.

Call 16 features the Second Flame who moves between TEX and the ground and who describes himself as the slave of the First, plus the EMOD, who serve him by connecting the space within the column to the Tablet of God, and MADZILODARP, God of Stretch Forth and Conquer.

Call 17 features the Third Flame who moves between the lower boundary of LIN and the inner zodiac through to the lower boundary of TEX. He describes himself as the servant of the First. Also featured are the TAXS, who serve him by creating a space at the base of the DARG cloumn connecting the DARG, EMOD, ERAN, and Tablet of God, and VONPO-UNPH, Wrath-in-Anger.

Call 18 features OLPIRT, a fourth flame who is not part of a group with the first three but is made possible by them, OIAD who is the member of the GA that creates the connection between the center and surface of the Earth, and the ERAN who live in the layers of the Earth between the surface and center and create a shaft connecting them. This call allows one to reach to the center without the need for the whole GA structure.

The Call of the Aethers invokes the Parts of Earth in conjunction with the 30 Aethers. The Parts have said that the Aethers were there first and they moved in, adding to their original function of regulating life on Earth. Most of the call seems to make reference to this original function, which can be reached by using the second call without the aether call, and features the characters IDOIGO, BABALON, and TELOCVOVIM. IDOIGO is responsible for coordinating the Parts work in their original function. BABALON is the body-life of the Earth, cut off from the spirit which is trapped in the core. Not much is known about TELOCVOVIM.



The Calls as a system of Initiation

The calls are arranged in an order which seems eminently suitable for initiation, though this doesn't seem to be their primary purpose. Experimenting with them in order seems wisest to begin with. Aaron Leitch has proposed attempting to pass through the gates as a method of initiation. This seems to be a good method of testing whether one has assimilated their energies, though there doesn't seem to be much of interest on the other sides.







Parallels to Gnosticism

There are a number of parallels between the calls and Gnosticism, a possibility first suggested by Aaron Leitch, though the orientations of Gnosticism and the Enochian system are rather different. The first 10 and next 12 aethers seem to correspond to the 10 and 12 aeons mentioned in the Apocryphon of John and Iraneus's attack on the Valentians, with the next 7 corresponding to the 7 heavens. The structure of the angles/points is seen in Pistis Sophia as is the idea of moving through successive spaces as an initiation. The parallel with the first eight calls is quite strong, though only some of the characters in the calls have parallels, notably the EM and CLA whose parallels show up as the villians. This is in contrast to the calls, where they are an essential part of the system. I have been unable to get a straight answer from the angels about the actual relationship between the Enochian material and the stuff the Gnostics were working with.