A few important links on Enochia
Twilit Grotto -- Esoteric Archives  Joseph Peterson`s. Who really are interested in enochian have got his CD.

Enochian Magick Reference, version 0.6  Ben Rowe`s. On the works of Dee & Kelly.

Norton's Imperium -- Enochian Magick Papers & Links   Ben Rowe`s. Own researches.
The John Dee Publication Project  Clay Holden`s. Original material from Dee and Kelly. Also with Latin translations.
The John Dee Society   Blessed fanatics that wants to restore Dee`s library online. See their  linkpage that is far larger than this. 

The Enochian Coffee House  The home of the enochian web-ring.

Hollyfeld Esoteric Archive Network  Daniel Garcia. The centre for the Enochian E-mail list. The greatest resource,though not so systematic.
Direct link for subscribing to enochian e-list.   Direct link to their archives



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