The Call of the EM:

Od Mi-stral co...

Inua va getil gi onusata.
Sic da vorontoe, maka mer NI zonos satinuj. Pelin doje, Vi varim, mes ma-zani EL tare pinos zon serim. Galata re-i-va vonos math pei Pirim po setij od soba gatinaja hal majakin r donos zan belioreb gath, es no to re da Vi atre.
Nes la gatinuj ol makesela dorim fanastra chis zolon doje. Zakare od Zamran EM gahe pirestrial, pei olon max te korin da-vethik nolun.


And the release of Power covers...

For becoming similar to our origin, our creation is necessary.
The mystery of the released hymns, the promised torment that the 28 provides to forms. The Black Fire howls, the 2nd sees the old falling finger, the One becomes the straywalking forms of sorrow. Into visciousness is the fortune falling, for the Holy One divides itself and who cares will lament. (So,) never shall the rulers fingers beauty bother, and even not though it becomes as cunning as the 2nds plenary.
(I am) walking upon the matter, my sworn hands cuts blackness and discharges while creative hands are howling. Move and show yourselves, You enlightening and consuming Nine spirits, for there is made a pact (that makes it possible) to number the unborn spirit.