The Call of ERAN:


Terim melio zoi za, veni tara pe-NI-tok-ors das Le Vitva trof falanteres. Men zon de ti. Ap roi no i kahisa. Le-man-terim oth nika de t saki zoi za of rati nok. Loi na methik zoi sez sithi NA. re kil ath do eriatha ma saki.
Deniom. Moriom.
GA fitharz de sati doii. OP limetz sav kel, da tari ge loi NA peretzi ofa; no me ja. Goi vata noin ERAN belioreta. Li i ampelota toi naz dothors. Bareta ovia noti sai. Sek vilem foj na torzulg.


6332 Serpents.

Becoming (that) autonomous oblivion within, (therefrom) invoking and becoming the dark mountain of the PeNI, which the beast says is available through his building of commitment. Nothing (none) is its form. The sunrise of the eternal becomes, is and is. The Ones sacrifice becomes more than the union with it, and the inner oblivion is (turned to become) the strength of the slaving servant. The kiss of continual oblivion by the axe provided by the Trinity; the cunning bolt's work in the celebration of the fall of mine.
Knowing obediance. Knowing time.
The 31 visits with friendlyness the needing serpents. 22 doughnut forms feels birth, and that becomes the kiss of the Trinitys strong Fire; which becomes the thruth herearound. Saying; ideal shall the 6332's comfort become. The One is absorbed into, lits up the towers of reflections. Shadows mingle and join the earth, mine attaining whirls around my arising.