On the Flames.

The four flames' domains consist of parts of the Earth and sky, the 1st operating within aethers 1-29, the 2nd from 30 to the ground, the 3rd from the bottom of 22 to the bottom of 30, the last from the surface of the Earth to its core. They fit in a four-fold pattern found in various places in the Enochian system, notably calls 1-4, 8-11, etc. This is associated with the letters of the name AMSU, a being with whom Runar has been in contact (see Book of AMSU). The AMS are follow the assignment of the Hebrew mother letters S=heaven, M=earth, A=space between, and thus with the assignment of these letters to the crosspaths of Luria's version of the Tree. These fit with the numeration S=1, M=2, A=3.
The first reaches from whatever place is higher into whatever place is lower.
The second acts on behalf of the first in the lower place.
The third arises between them.
This is also the same as the traditional Father-Mother-Son pattern. The U of AMSU is then the being encapsulating or made possible by these. It can be numbered 0, relating to 0 as meaning potential, or 4 by order. The related Enochian letters seem to be L=1, Z=2, D=3, O=0. The AMSU pattern appears in other places in the system. One such is the structure of the olive, and by extension the mighty sounds (see PEOAL). It is interesting to compare the spaces associated with the letters of AMSU in relation to the flames and the mighty sounds:
Spaces (numbers refer to aethers):

  flames mighty sounds
U surface to core of Earth 1-10
S 1-29 1-22
M 30-surface 1-30
A 23-30 1-29

In each case 23-29 seems to be associated with the third, though the details vary.

The second flame describes himself as a slave of the first, the third as a servant of the first. This use of the term servant and slave incidently gives a possible interpretation of Liber AL II:58's "the slaves shall serve" as implying a rise in status from slave to servant through contact with the one they serve. The first three flames are concerned with energy passing through the region of the aethers to the ground. The last is concerned with opening contact between the surface of the Earth and the core, something made possible by the actions of the first three.